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New Member saying HI

New Member saying HI

Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi, been doing some reading up on this. I still am somewhat skeptical as most of you probably were, or still are. I’m going to give this a shot..why not. I’m just going to be very cautious before I start squeezing my only sex organ off.

I don’t have any measurments yet, but I know I would like to add some girth. I saw a alot of feedback on the Horse 440 something like that technique. I’d like to give that a try for girth. I’ve read about the warming up and stretching before hand. I have a question..when I clamp the blood off at the base, and slide my other “ok” down to meet it and hold, how far do I bring it down? How long should I hold it?

Also can someone give me a link just for the basic jelqing* technique. I can’t seem to navigatate around here very well since I’m a newb I believe. Thanks



Welcome aboard. I am pretty new around here to but have already seen results. Here is a thread with all the manual techniques. However, I recommend you stick with the newbie routine in this section at least for a month or so to get your Sex Organ as you called it use to all the tugging and pulling. Get started and keep going. You put in the time and effort and you will get results.

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

BTW, read read read!!!

Life is short, eat the dessert first! Weight Loss Progress/Before and After Pics

And make sure you take starting measurements for future reference. If you have a camera take a pic to post later.

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Please listen, as a newbie to all of this the horse 440 squeezes are not for you. At least not at this time. You need to get your penis accustomed to the newbie exercises first, then slowly progress toward the more advanced techniques.

Injuries are to be avoided at all cost. It is far easier to prevent an injury than it is to heal one. Pakiton is right, you have to go slow. The newbie routine is tried and true, follow it.

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Welcome aboard YouknowD,

Jelqs and all the different stretches are the way to go for the first few months. Be consistent and have patience and you WILL see results. Good luck with the gains

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Good to have you here. Make yourself at home. Watch out for Twatteaser though I think he bites.

The Woodpile

Originally Posted by WoodPile
Make yourself at home. Watch out for Twatteaser though I think he bites.

The Woodpile

Actually, twatteaser has a tendency to slip sedatives into the drinks of young men and then sodomize them while they’re unconscious.
And if that weren’t bad enough, he then steals their souls, forcing them to walk through the shriek-filled corridors of Hell for all eternity.

Thanks for the greeting guys. Actually last night I started PEing. Put a warm washcloth on, did some stretches, jelqs alternating w/ the Horse squeezes. Everything was good, woke up this morning, everything still there. I only did about 5-7 min of this. I know you told me just to stick w/ the jelqs but I didn’t read this until now.

Horse squeezes are a great exercise but they are almost guaranteed to cause injury early on. Taking it easy until you get a good idea what your penis can stand is always a good plan :)

Welcome to the board, YouknowD!

Greetings, YKD. Lots of people see decent results from the basics - Stretching & Jelqing. The more exotic moves might seem tempting, but your patience is the best thing you can exercise.

Glad you’re here!

Welcome aboard.

What size will I have to get the sailor outfit for you? What do you drink too? I can make it over from the east side of the state to your area in 4 hours.

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