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New member looking for advises and help

New member looking for advises and help

Hello I have been reading about PE couple months and I decided to do something about it.

So my erect length is around 6 Inches(Bone pressed) and the girth around 5.5 inches.

I have seen I don’t have much time on PE during a day and I can’t take a hot shower every day. Bit funny is that too I’m not living alone in the same house :D

I was thinking doing some jelqs morning at bed and almost straight when I have waken up (about 10-15 minutes ). So is it good idea to jelq at morning and does it have same effect when your jelqing during a day no matter of time (Morning, middle of day, Before going bed)

I buyd bathmate couple months ago and been using it while taking shower regularly (3-4+ times a week).

So what are your guys thinking of the combination and I would like to hear your advises and so on :)

I’d think that the time of the day doesn’t matter that much. Try to aim to do the jelqs the opposite time of the day as you’re using the pump, that way you can have the most time to heal before each workout.

Hi Reimo,

Welcome to Thunders, glad to have you here :)

What you could do is use the morning for your jelquing routine as you said, and yes it is better to jelq in the morning when you have a little bit more testosterone in the system which will make holding an 60% - 80% erection easier. Try using a heated washcloth to warm up with it won’t draw as much attention as a long shower will, and if you make it routine to be well groomed in the morning you can fold a short jelqing only routine into this grooming easily. Ask your flatmates to help you with a neck-shave or some waxing, they’ll soon leave you alone to groom in the mornings ;)

Then at night you can heat a rice sock in the kitchen and put it on your shoulder or neck as you head off to your bedroom for some rest, easy and non conspicuous, then do a short stretching routine.

As for the Bathmate put it in the Wardrobe for a few months down the track, you will have a less suspicious routine without it, and you will gain faster from the manual routine.

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