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New member, just a few questions.

New member, just a few questions.

Hey there just came across this forum yesterday and thought id introduce myself. I just did my measurements and I’m 7.5 inches BPEL and 7 inches with a normal erection. My girth is 6.25 inches erect normal. I know I don’t really need to enlarge my penis, but 5 years ago I was almost 8” erect normal so id like to gain that inch back. I’m very tall too, so it doesn’t look very big on me to be honest. I’m 21 yrs old if it matters. I’m looking for a routine that only increases length, or increases mostly length and a small amount of girth. I’m gay, and already have issues with my girth fitting sometimes so I don’t want to go much larger. I’ve been on this medication called wellbutrin for almost a year and the sexual side effects make you horny 24/7. I find myself masturbating several times per day. How long should I wait to cum after doing my routine? I find that the constant masturbation has definitely decreased the quality of my erections. I’m just going to start with the jelqs tonight because it looks like the easiest for beginners, but if you have any other advice id greatly appreciate it! Also I’m looking into purchasing a pump. The bath mate looks nice, but I’m not sure if id fit in it and its quite expensive, if you have any recommendations from the ones available at id also appreciate it! Thanks

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At 6.25 girth I can imagine that gaining more girth could be a concern..especially for your partners. I wouldn’t really get into using pumps or the bathmate as those are primarily girth focused and can be stressful on an unconditioned unit. You could probably leave out jelqs as well. Some manual stretching should be able to get some length for you without adding any girth. If you have the funds, an extender would probably make more sense for length focused work than a pump.

There’s different schools of thought on masturbation to orgasm and its effects on gains, and if your medicine has got you whacking off several times a day I wouldn’t worry about it. The only correlation I remember seeing from a survey was a very slight difference in those that didn’t ejaculate more than a couple times a month and everyone else.

As obligatory to say, your current size (even though you lost an inch) is still well beyond even my long term goals. Oh to be 21 with a 7.5 x 6.25 dick…make sure to have some fun in between your PE sessions.

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