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New member introduction

New member introduction

Hello, everybody!

My name´s Fabio, I have 31 years old and I´m from Portugal! I´m accustomed to use metric system but I´ll try to convert centimeters in inches every time I can.

My height is 5’ 7” and my penis is:

- Length - 16 cm/6,3” (pressing the ruler against the body), about 15 cm/5.9” (without pressing the ruler against the body);

- Girth - 12 cm/4,75”

I did Jelq a year ago, for about 4 months, but with little discipline. However, I know already routines and some exercises.

I intend to gain girth, mostly. I think my penis should be thicker for the length I have. I do not want to have an even larger penis in length having 4,75” girth!

So, my plan is to focus for some months in Girth Routine (One hand jelq, Jelq and Hold and Ultimate Jelq). Then, after having gains, I´ll start to work overall exercises, both to length and girth, to gain length and to continue girth gains. My idea is to start with a beginner girth routine for 4 weeks, 1 day on 1 day off.

However, I want to ask if you think I should do the Newbie Routine? I want to avoid the manual stretch because of the reasons I wrote above. But, would it be better for me?


Good gains,


Start with the Newbie Routine even though you did some PE in the past. A lot of new guys here make the mistake of taking off immediately on their own, unfettered. The Newbie will help “condition” you again to PE so that you can later launch off into specific exercise modifications that work for you.

Welcome to the forums, Fabio. Keep us posted on how you are doing.



Thank you, avocet8!

I´ll do it! :)

I forgot to write my MSN contact:

Guys, it would be very nice to have contact by MSN, so feel free to add me!

Good gains,


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