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New Member Intro

Hello everyone,

I have been a lurker around Thunder’s Place and PE-Gym for a couple of years now and finally decided to create an account here and give PE a serious try. I am now 23 years old and first attempted a newbie routine a couple of years ago after a relationship of about a year ended. When it ended, she told me that I was pretty thin in the penis department. This bothered me for a long time but I eventually stopped caring considering that I was her first and only at the time. It did always stick in my mind though that she didn’t “want so much foreplay because it felt tighter when she wasn’t as warmed up.”

Fast forward to about a year ago when I got into a band and was traveling across the southeast. I thought it would be a good time to try and improve myself by working out and shaping up downstairs. This was when my 2nd attempt at PE started. About a week into my routine I met a girl at a gig, went back to her place that night and eventually started a relationship. She was a wonderful girl. She was educated, had a professional job, her own apartment, car, etc as do I. I also found out that I was only the 3rd guy she had sex with so I thought that to be a plus. My PE stopped shortly after meeting her because I felt as though my sensitivity was increasing and I was starting to finish more quickly than I would like. The sex was great but it became apparent that our sex drives were mismatched after a few months. She always seemed to enjoy sex but the frequency dwindled despite other aspects of the relationship staying strong. Eventually things didn’t work out after about a year and once again I was told that I had a small penis. She said this during an intense breakup argument so it could have just been out of anger since she had still initiated sex between us somewhat recently.

Being told by both of the only two women I have been with the I am thin or small had kinda bruised my ego even though I know I’m not far from statistical averages. That is why I am here now, to increase my size and hopefully never hear anymore about being small.

-Bobby B

March 22, 2013 ----- NBPL: 6.75" BPL: 7.4375" BG: 5.0" MSG: 4.875" HG: 4.375"

Originally Posted by BobbyB23
I know I’m not far from statistical averages.

Nope, not far at all. Only 1.5”s longer. :rolleyes: That combined with an average girth could make it look proportionally skinny. At it isn’t uncommon for women to fall back on “you have a teeny weenie” when they want to be extra hurtful.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

That is definitely possible. I think that the significant taper from base to head makes it look that way too since it goes from higher average girth all the way down to nearly below average girth around the head.

Thanks for the side note. As I said, I have only been with 2 women before so I didn’t know if that was something that women generally do when they are hurt or upset. I have a rule to never criticize or put down a woman’s physical attributes no matter how bad an argument or breakup gets. It is really disrespectful and in my opinion, doesn’t show much character.

March 22, 2013 ----- NBPL: 6.75" BPL: 7.4375" BG: 5.0" MSG: 4.875" HG: 4.375"

Was she that angry?

I thought women saved that for the last resort.

She had a quite a temper when it came to any real confrontations between us.

To give you an example, we once got into an argument because I had built her a bookcase/storage shelf-type thing from scratch for her birthday. It was something she had shown me months ago and had asked how much it would cost to build something like it but she had totally forgotten about that by the time her birthday came. I thought it would be a nice gift but it took a lot of time, money, and effort to complete. I didn’t mind though because I was doing it for her as a birthday gift and I really liked her. About a week later, she was looking in magazines and pointing out something else for me to try to build. At the time, I was going to school part-time, working full-time and playing in a band out of town on weekends so I didn’t have a lot of free time and when I did I was at her place. I’ll admit I was a little rude to her about it because it rubbed me the wrong way. I think I said something to the effect of not being her “personal furniture constructor”. She stopped talking to me for a few minutes and I finally asked her, “Do you want me to leave for the night?” Her response was, “Get your sh*t and get the f*** outta my house house!”. Then while she was grabbing my stuff from the kitchen she was yelling at the top of her lungs, “I don’t need a f***ing man in my life!”, multiple times I might add. I finally talked her down and and everything was fine but you can see the temper I spoke of.

When she said the thing about my small penis was when I had broken up with her and it was final. That wasn’t the only insult I received either but the others are irrelevant to this board.

March 22, 2013 ----- NBPL: 6.75" BPL: 7.4375" BG: 5.0" MSG: 4.875" HG: 4.375"

Ouch! but that is your side of the story. I also say, why do female have to go for the juggler vien. That was mean for her to say. So what do you

want? Your length is good, but you are looking for girth. Girth will take time and dedication, but it can be easy to exercise if you know how to do this.

When taking a shower, conditioner and jelqing works. Read up on girth gaining and good luck. Welcome to Thunder’s Place, we are here to help

and if you want to vent, then do so, we are for that as well.

Thanks tntjockey! I’m glad to finally be a part of the community here. I am fine with my length and am wanting to add girth. My long term (dream) goal would be 5.5 but I am realistically only shooting for 5.25 from base to tip. I feel that girth is sufficient for MOST women to be completely satisfied. I’ve got some evening out to do in my case.

I am planning to start with the newbie routine as suggested. I used the search feature but did not find the answer that I was looking for to this question. Since I do not want to add length, is it ok to simply skip the stretches or does anyone know if that serves a purpose in the overall growth?

March 22, 2013 ----- NBPL: 6.75" BPL: 7.4375" BG: 5.0" MSG: 4.875" HG: 4.375"

Lucky guy. I wish I had your girth!

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