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New member in Sweden

New member in Sweden

Hello everybody.

As I have just joined I thought I´d post a message to the forum and introduce myself.
I´m a 41 year old swedish guy who more or less have been having concerns and insecurities about my size ever since the teens.
I found out about this site after I joined yet another internet site,
At this stage of my life I desperately want to get over my hangups about my size and even though learning to simply accept my size is the most obvious and maybe the most mature option, I thought maybe I can try and actually gain some size through the techniques described at this site.
I´m done letting my hangups standing in the way of me getting on with life.

I´d love to hear from others at this site, at all different stages of progress and I´d especially like to hear from others in Sweden.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Thunder’s, Snorre! :)

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Hej Snorre , trevligt att traeffas

No I’m not from sverige :P Had a gf from there though, I will always miss her. Anyhow check Size’s PE Data Site link at the bottom of the page for people’s progress. The older you are it seems the better your gains too. It seems the penis is much more flexible then. You should probably do very well. Also some people show their progress in their signature , like I do. Lycka till !

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Hi Snorre,

Read all of the info in the very first thread in this Newbie forum titled: Most Important Newbie Threads/Info and look at the videos on how to stretch and jelq. Then start off slow and easy and learn to do the exercises right. Condition yourself to the exercises, and then just stick with it.

Hej! I’ve watched “Austin Powers” too many times, but will do my best to refrain from making any Swedish Penis Enlarger jokes, haha.

Hi Snorre, I wish you good luck! If you put some effort into this PE thing it certainly makes your dick bigger, and combined with other things it can make a huge difference in your love life. I’m a couple of months into it by now, very happy with the results. Just the feeling of catching women staring at the bulge that was not there before would be sufficient to keep me on track! And why are you resisting the urge to joke about Swedish Penis Enlargers, I assure you we can take it, Swinteck :-)

Do you all role around in the snow naked after sauna? I can imagine the Swedes being very liberal about PE. I Imagine you discuss the latest PE techniques with your family while eating your meatballs, all naked of course. No doubt the Swedish Penis Pump takes an ornamental position of pride above the fireplace. Ahhh a liberal paradise.

Please correct me if I have a warped view of Swedish culture. Lift my ignorance. :-)

Hi Snorre. Good nick you picked :-) . I could spot you where Swdish on that alone.

I have been at PE for about 3 months now and have got the mandatory(?) newbie gains (1 cm EL and .5 cm EG) and even a bit more (.3 cm EL and .3 cm EG).
I am like you, around 40 years old, and have had major complex about my size since I was 10 years old. My main problem has been being naked around other guys, not so much on the sexual plane with women (or rather my wife).

The best thing about doing PE is that you finally have your situation into your own hands (literally). It really feels good to finally have a possibility to do something about my own situation. Just that simple fact alone, make me feel a lot easier when thinking about my current size.
The other part that really makes PE worth all the effort is the better sex and all the positive comments you will get from your partner. I have been married for about 15 years and we have always enjoyed a good sex life. After starting PE everything just got even better, erection quality, her and mine satisfaction, better blow jobs. We now enjoys positions which we never liked that much before.
Much of the sexual improvements might very well be from better erections and better self confidence (I am starting to feel proud of my stick), but even so, no matter why, so far everything is positive about PE.

delectric: you are basically right, although it is the Finnish people who do most of the sauna and especially who rolls in the snow or runs to the lake after the sauna. Swedes are a bit more sophisticated :-) I am half Finnish myself and had to live with the tedious lake-running all my childhood :-)
But we do not discuss PE during dinner, we wait until evening coffee when we even compare jelqing techniques with the neighbours, which occasionally ends up in a full blown Swedish swinger party :-)

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Tjenare Snorre!

Jag är 38 och sitter väl i samma sits som du ungefär. Har dock upptäckt att jag ligger en bra bit över medel vilket, som du säkert vet, inte spelar någon roll gentemot ens egna känslor och uppfattningar. Har hållt på i 2 månader och lagt på mig 2cm i både längd och omkrets. Det råder inget tvivel om att det fungerar! Frugan är väl inte direkt olycklig heller :)
Jag har berättat allt för henne och tycker bara att det är kul. Även om hon säger att hon är nöjd. Hon har nu börjat köra mycket övningar för att stärka bäckenbottenmuskulaturen.

Lycka till och läs newbie-delen noggrant!


Hi Snorre!

I am 38 and am more or less in the same seat as you. Although I recently discovered that I am a bit over average, it is still not enough to change my internal feelings and thoughts on this. I have been doing PE for approximately 2 months and have gained about 2cm both ways. There is no doubt that this works! The wife isn´t exactly unhappy either :)
I have told her everything and she is very supportive even if she feels that my unit can hold its own. She has started doing exercises to strengthen her own love-muscles.

Good luck and thoroughly read the newbie-part!

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Originally Posted by kundun
Tjenare Snorre!

Jag är 38 och sitter väl i samma sits som du ungefär.

Wow! I can’t make my computer type like that!!:)

Snorre. I am older than you. I was getting addicted to Viagra so I got into PE just to improve erections. When I was 19 I could get up 7” on a good day. When I started doing this PE I measured my old penis at 6.25”. Now I am easily back up to 7”. So I definitely feel rejuvenated. Plus my flaccid hang is 5” which makes me feel GOOD. And that is what it is all about.

Are there any Swedes left here. I am Swedish myself so I would like to know how it is going for you guys :)

There are 500+ members who list “Sweden” as their location. That doesn’t count the ones who use city names.


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Also: The Scandinavian Thread

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Tjena Snorre

Ville bara säga lycka till.. håll dig till Newbie-rutinen i början så kommer du få en stark och stor stake genom hängivenhet och tålamod.

Rekommenderar The Scandinavian thread, som Westla nyligen skrev..

Eng: Basicly Good look and stick to the newbie routine


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Uh, Swensk - from his profile:

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