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New Member Here

Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan and am new to PE. I heard about PE from a friend and was really eager to get bigger mainly for myself. I’m 7” long, uncut, and 5.0” girth but wanted to hit at least 8.5” long and 6” girth. I had a few concerns with the exercises mainly what to start with. I did a bit of reading on the forums already and started off these past 3 days doing a jelq routine of..

5-10 Minute hot shower warm up with some helicopters.
200 Wet jelqs

However I noticed the head of my penis is a bit sore lately, not bad pain or anything just a little uncomfortable. Should I be concerned? Or is this a typical thing for guys just starting a basic PE routine. It’s a very dull pain, barely noticeable. Also how would you guys recommend fixing or adding to my routine? I’d like to do my routine for 2 months before going on more advanced stuff. Also is masturbation after a jelq session safe?


You might be jelqing to hard, squeezing the blood into your glands.

That might be causing you pain.

Also Welcome!

Thank you! And is the quanity fine? I’ll try again today but much lighter and I’ll see how I feel.

200 is fine, I started off at 15 minutes which equaled about to about 150-200 depending on length of strokes. Also remember not to jelq over your head, stop the stroke and start a new one right before the head.

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5/21/2015: 7.2 x 5.3

3/06/2017 (have not done PE for 12+ months) 7 x 5 - 5.1

Hello, Jonathan. Welcome and congratulations. At 7 inches, you are already very large. Of course, 8.5 is a great goal and should be fairly easy to achieve as long as you put the time in and don’t get in a hurry.

I believe you are going at your routine too vigorously. 200 jelqs sets is too high for a beginner. Your penis needs to be conditioned before doing that many. Also, you may be squeezing too hard. Forming your fingers into a C-clamp in an overhand grip, you run you finger and thumb along the sides of your penis from base to just below your glans reducing pressure as you near the glans. This should take three seconds or so. Before you release your grip, form your other finger and thumb into a C and grip the base of your penis to begin your next jelq. You don’t want pain here. It should feel just slightly above the pressure you normally get when you are super hard. Remember to decrease pressure slightly as you slide forward.

I would suggest you start with the Linear Newbie Routine. This will give your penis time to adapt and give you time to listen to you PIs. That is, Physiolocical Indicators.

Started: 01/01/2015 ~ BPEL: 7.2 inches. EG: 5.5 inches. [05/01/2015: BPEL: 7.6 X 5.5.] [08/06/2015: 7.75 X 5.5] Goal: Better EQ

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Welcome. Nice starting stats.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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Thanks everyone, I lowered my count today to a set of 60 which I’ll be doing for a bit, if the soreness continues I’ll be taking a break and trying again later. I did masturbate after jelqing the 200 sets so I assume that was the source of the pain.

Starting 4/15/15 7.3 BPEL and 4.9 MEG

Super lazy and inconsistent :(

Moved to 60 a day for now and feeling much better, avoiding jerking off as well. Thanks for the advice!

Starting 4/15/15 7.3 BPEL and 4.9 MEG

Super lazy and inconsistent :(

Yeah welcome man. Learn as much as you can and start doing it!

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