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New Member and Routine

New Member and Routine

Hello all,
Just introducing myself, posting my stats and routine. I did PE over a year ago, when I first found Thunder’s site during the beginning of my divorce. A thank you to Thunder and all others who helped my back then. PE boosted my confidence a lot then, and I am hoping that after taking some time off, I can start PE’ing again seriously.

Starting Stats: I am posting my current size as starting, even though when I did PE over a year ago, I was smaller. I gained about half an inch in length and about 1/4 ” in girth then.

Current: 16.5cm NBPEL
12.5cm EG

Routine: I work a lot, and live with a girlfriend who I am not going to tell about PE, so most of my PE goes on while at work. In the restroom, I Jelq three times a day, about 75 really high quality jelqs. I feel like the quality of the jelqs is the most important. I also will do some stretches while in there, usually about 5-10 good 20-30 second stretches. On the days that I can find some free time at home alone, I will clamp for a few sets, usually 2 or 3. This might happen 2 or three times a week. I typically don’t plan rest days, although Saturday and Sunday seem to work out well for rest days, and maybe one during the week. I am taking it nice and slow, I have no strict time frame for PE.

I am going to measure in three months, not before then. That is when I will re-asses what I am doing for PE, see how it is working, and report on my progress. I already see some progress in the two or three weeks that I have re-started PE. Better EQ, thicker, fuller Unit, a lot of good PI’s.

Wish me luck, comments, suggestions on routine appreciated.

Slow and Steady wins the race..

Starting: JULY '08' 16.5 cm NBPEL (6.5") 12.5 cm EG (5")

Short Term Goal: JAN '09' 17.8 cm NBPEL 13.5 cm EG

Hi Malvex

Good to see you are starting again. Having made some gains obviously gives you confidence, and bearing in mind your rather unique exercising conditions, you seem to have got the best deal you can do. It would be difficult to suggest a routine bearing in mind your unusual work out area, but if it’s working then keep at it.

So good luck in your endeavours, and we hope to see you posting some good gains in 3 months time.
But we’ll be interested, so tell us how you are doing during this time.


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I will try this out myself. Very encouraging.

Welcome to Thunders Malvex. Good luck in your gaining endeavors. A couple of things, Have you read the Forum Guidelines? if not please do so. Also, this Forum is a class act, respect thy follow brother and you will be respected as well. Try a search before you thread, because almost everything has been asked, besides, those old threads have a lot of valuable information, Oh! and use the Spell Check button since we have a lot of guys here that English is not their native language. Once again, welcome Malvex. Have at it my brother.

Thanks for the support everyone. I know that my routine is a bit unusual, but I have to use what resources I have available to me. I am already considering adding another rest day on Wednesday, and then maybe doing some on the weekend. It would be more like a 2 on 1 off schedule.

Also, I would like to get some input on another idea I am having. What experiences or results have people had with using one day totally for one exercise, for instance all day Monday is jelqing, and then all day Tuesday is for stretching, Wednesday can be an off day, and then lets make Thursday clamping. Ideas, thoughts and suggestions welcome.

I have found that with any sort of exercise regimen, listening to your body is key. So if I am extra sore one day, regardless if it is a PE day or a rest day, I would take that day off. Part of PE is becoming more in tune with ones body, and the best way to tune into ones body is to listen first.

Slow and Steady wins the race..

Starting: JULY '08' 16.5 cm NBPEL (6.5") 12.5 cm EG (5")

Short Term Goal: JAN '09' 17.8 cm NBPEL 13.5 cm EG

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