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New Kinsey Size Study, you will NOT believe it

Originally Posted by dicktator
Trojan Magnum XLs are way too long for me so they become too tight at the base due to the unrolled portion which is not only painful but cuts off my circulation and destroys my erection.

Wouldn’t a tighter unrolled band around the base act like a cock ring and actually improve your erection?

I wouldn’t say I’m hung like a soup can, but I’m pretty wide and I’ve worn regulars (not XL or larges of any sort) for years without a break. They’re harder to put on, but they stay put and the discomfort is nothing that the sex I was getting into wouldn’t relieve.

Originally Posted by dicktator
And I don’t work for condomania, either.
I am in the healthcare field.

Originally Posted by dicktator
So get to callin’, boys.

You’ve got to be kidding… :whatever:

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
This is the only connection between Kinsey and theyfit that I could find.…us&ct=clnk&cd=6

I requested more information from the researcher associated with Kinsey listed here. I’ll post any response I get.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

This is the only connection between Kinsey and theyfit that I could find.…us&ct=clnk&cd=6

Did anyone bother to follow this link?

As usually happens when the results of a study are reported by someone not directly involved (the Condomania lady), things get reported inaccurately.

This study was conducted in 2004 or early 2005 by Indiana University graduate students, a few members of their faculty, and members of other groups related to the subject of the study. Dr. Stephanie Sanders was the representative from the Kinsey Institute. The Kinsey Institute did not conduct the research and there are no reports of it on their web site. A single person from the Institute participated. It was not a “TheyFit/Kinsey” study.

The people who conducted it are from the Sexual Health Research Working Group (SHRWG) at Indiana University. The results have been reported at several sexual research meetings already, primarily by Dr. Michael Reece, who is the director of the SHRWG. He is next scheduled to speak on the results of the study at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Sex Research to be held in Amsterdam 12-15 July 2006. The meeting is open only to credentialed sex researchers as far as I can tell.

The study was apparently conducted via the Internet. There are no online reports that I could find and the methods of the study are not on the SHRWG web site. The Condomania site also has nothing about this study. How penises were measured, or even if they were, is not actually known. Very likely the participants used the measuring aid provided by Condomania on their site.

Here is the entire text from the SHRWG site:

The Condom Fit and Feel Study

This study involves an experimental assessment of the world’s first “sized to fit” condom, the TheyFitTM condom. Using an experimental cross over design, men used a standard-sized and “fitted” condom during their sexual interactions over a period of 30 days. On a daily basis, men completed an Internet-based daily diary to provide data about their sexual interactions and to complete in-depth measures related to their use of the study condoms.

Over 1,800 men participated in the study, completed close to 30,000 sexual diaries, and provided data on approximately 10,000 incidents of condom use. Analyses are currently underway and preliminary findings are offering some new and important insights into issues related to men’s perceptions and use of condoms. Data from this study will be presented at conferences scheduled for 2005 and the study team is currently working on a number of manuscripts.

The investigators of this study were Michael Reece and Debby Herbenick of SHRWG, and the study team included Dr. Patrick Monahan (Division of Biostatistics, IU School of Medicine), Dr. Stephanie Sanders (The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction) and Dr. William Yarber (Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention).

If anyone is interested in pursuing this and wishes to contact Dr. Reece at the SHRWG, his personal web page is: Contact information is provided there. Alternately, you could e-mail Condomania and ask about the study results:

Was working on my post when you posted slipstream.

Originally Posted by westla90069
Was working on my post when you posted slipstream.

No problem. :)

Originally Posted by westla90069
Did anyone bother to follow this link?

I did and none of the web caches that I typically use (wayback and google) could pull up any of the old site or PDFs that used to be posted. It looks like you found everything I did, westla, and I could find nothing about sizes.

After re-reading all of dicktator’s posts and catching his membership date, I’m ashamed I hadn’t cast a more skeptical eye on his posts from the get-go. It’s almost comical. I think what he shared about the study is probably on the level, but I doubt anything else is more than marketing.

Normal condoms work just fine for me. I don’t feel like custom ordering anything unnecessary. I am a cheap bastard.

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Originally Posted by slipstream
I requested more information from the researcher associated with Kinsey listed here. I’ll post any response I get.

Thanks for doing that. Maybe they are just slow to respond, we’ll see.

Thanks for tracking down that page, Westla. I initially looked around the Kinsey site briefly and couldn’t find anything.

Slipstream, any response yet?

Thunder found the page, I just expanded on the fact that this is not a Kinsey sponsored study.

Oops, I misread the exchange above. Sorry Thunder (:

No responses, yet.

Dr. Reece responded today and said that the papers are currently being reviewed, but he will send me a copy when they become available.

Can you just ask a general question, i.e. Did you find that the average was less than 5 inches?

I suppose I could have, but I didn’t. I only asked if the study was available and then thanked him for offering to share it.

As we’ve discussed, the question is more complex than “was the average length less than 5 inches”. I think the best we can hope for is a self-measured distribution of NBPEL and EG. Aside from the comment you relayed from the “knowledgeable” condomania call center rep, I’ve seen nothing to make me believe they had clinical verification. Although the assumption that exaggerating your length would reward you with a condom that would fall off implies that the data could be more reliable. I have zero hope of a BPEL distribution.


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