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new kid on the block

new kid on the block

hi! I am a new member of this funtastic forum. What I would like to ask is, what is the best device that really helps in gaining length? I am choosing between power jelq and bib hanger. hope you could help me. thanks


The choice is yours.

I suggest that first you try a little manual PE, especially jelqing.

Perhaps then try some home made hanger. For example, I tried the swimcap method hanging before buying a BIB.

After that you will have an idea to what feels best for you, and will be more informed before shelling out for something you may not use …or may not give YOU the desired effect.

Welcome aboard, and most importantly, enjoy your PE. Take it as a casual hobby (to be taken seriously though), don’t expect too much too soon, and you will see benefits.


Backed up..

…by another members opinion.

Originally posted by Pamdaga
I think it's useful in some circumstances.

If you tend to maintain at least a partial erection while PEIng then the PJ is an option for you. If you don't, I wouldn't recommend it.

It can create some serious pressure though - that I can attest to. I might worry about a newbie injurying themselves if they didn't start with their hands for a few weeks first.



for the information… I have been jelqing for over a month and I get a varying results. Probably, depends on intensity of erection but definitely I am already gaining… and learning. By the way, what is the swimcap method hanging?

I recommend getting a bib before the time runs out. I have gain a little more then 1/8” in length in two weeks by just hanging and the girth at the base is coming on strong! I believe everyone should do manual PE for a bit but jump into hanging as soon as possible. All I need is a little more than 3/4” to get me to my goal of 9”…..


thanks everyone… I appreciate your thoughts.

Swimcap Method

Search on it…I believe I first saw it on Tom Hubbards page (below)




Thanks, I have found it and would be making one just after my measurement.


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