New Jelq and Help With Consistency

Hey I’ve been trying a new way to Jelq that somewhat combines jelqing and v stretches. Basically I used one hand to Jelq downwards(at a low erection level) then with my other hand I leave it under my glans at an angle that doesn’t face downwards as much, and as a Jelq I move both hands so my penis is making a low angle v shape. This helps break down the septum for me, but it can be risky because if the angle of my second hand is too great my penis gets injured. However I have gained 0.3 inches in length with it and I haven’t even been PEing consistently, so if add some consistency, I would probably have gained 0.5 inches of length in the past month and a half.

I also need advice on how to be consistent. I’m nearly at my goal of 7 inches in length, and I will probably start girth exercises soon, but I want to be consistent with PE so that I can gain at full potential. I like to think I gain somewhat quickly as I have gained 0.8 inches in length in 5 months, but because I go on and off my routine so frequently, I probably have done more like 3 and a half months of PE. I’m kind of impatient as I know some members take years to grow an inch of length while I’ve nearly done that in a few months, so sorry about complaining, but I’m so eager to have a bigger penis. Any help will be appreciated. Oh and what’s good girth goal I really have no clue. Many are going for 6 inches but that seems too big for me. I am currently at 4.75 mid shaft girth and 5.1 base girth.