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New in here


New in here


i’m new in here.
Do i have to buy something to get a larger penis?
i ‘mean for jelq? Can someone give me some tips?


Vipe, check out the FAQ section. Great overview on the link by Size. Also read all the post to give a good idea of what is usually done and how it is done. Also, look in the Links section for info on anatomy so you have a good idea of what your dick really is and how it works. That’s not as silly as it sounds…most men likely don’t have a clue beyond the obvious stuff. It also helps to know what”s what downstairs when you ask questions so you are completely understood and all are “on the same page” with terminology. Have any specific questions or are unclear after the read, by all means ask questions. Good luck. groa

i have a question do you know a site with some pics of exercises?
because i don’t know how to start. Some pics of exercise can help me alot.


Site w/pics

I’m a member of the site— It’s got pics which can be very helpful, since the instructions are sometimes a little unclear if you’re not experience with PE.

Good luck!


P.S. BTW—I’ve gained from this site’s exercises a little over half and inch in length in only one month!

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Don't join

Vipe, if you scroll down the home page of this site, you will see at the bottom “Tom Hubbard’s Free P.E.” site. There are some pictures on that site as well as good instruction. It’s all free. does have some good illustrations, but it will cost you 39.95 and as of late, that site really sucks for customer support. groa Edit…Vipe, if you feel you must join a paysite and would benefit, try Big Al’s at the bottom of the page. I’m not a member and have never seen the site, but it has a good reputation from some pretty trusted veterans on PE boards. He is reputed to be present and helpful to his members on site and I know he can be of help to folks offsite to as evidenced by his occasional presence on EZ forums. His is only around 20 bucks last time I checked. STAY AWAY FROM BIGPENIS.COM:)

thnx for the info:)

I don’t gonna buy a account on :)

what do you think of the first exercise can it make a dick bigger?


EDIT: thevipe, I removed the link to the site you posted here. That is a rip off site, all the material there has been taken from other sites. That kind of stuff doesn't set well with me, especially when the lazy bastards don't even attempt to rewrite the material a little bit. I know the guy who owns that stuff and he has been notified. ThunderSS

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Well, vipe...

I really don’t know. It’s your dick. What did you think of the advice given above on the Size and Hubbard links? Have you read them? You do seem quite proficient at finding this info with respect to pictures and instruction. I don’t have time to read your link entirely, but I believe Size and Tom lay out a very simple and concise explanation of PE in general (and specific) and likely a bit easier to understand for someone new to the game. They both write from a position of actual PE experience, and that makes a difference…especially if you have questions. It’s easier to ask the writer and PEer about the ideas contained in their own prose if clarifiaction is needed. At any rate, the answer to your question really lies in one and only one place…your own experience and result. Good luck. groa

I agree...

Hey Vipe,

I agree with Groa. I think you would be much better off sticking with Size’s FAQ link and Tom Hubbard’s site link. In my experience, pictures are very limited in what they can teach you about a particular exercise. They may show you the grip and the stroke motion, but there is so much more info needed to do the exercise correctly.

Are you looking for sites with pictures because English is not your first language?

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

yeah i look for these reasen for pics i’m not so good with english.
I speak dutch and a little bit english.


You're from the Netherlands?

That’s kinda strange, since most of the dutch people, even the 80 year-old folks speak English kinda fluently. I’m from Germany, very close to the dutch border, and been to Holland numerous times, have friends there. And the impression I got is that English is the second language.

But nobody here will judge by cultural decent, Vipe, I was just surprised. As Thunder and Groa pointed out, read all the info you can get your hands on. It is better to be informed a little too much, than doing things wrong and do harm to your best asset.

Good luck.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

i’m from belgium:) I speak dutch & french :)
Thnx for the info.
I will read alot before i do things. I hope it really works.


Salut, Vipe

You can start out with some light jelqing and stretching, to get your penis accustomed with those exercises. Do some PC flexes, too. And while you getting your dick ready for the regular workouts, which may take 2 - 3 weeks, read and inform yourself.

If you have any questions, just ask. Anybody here will help you out. Si vous avez des questions, demandez juste . Quelqu’un vous aidera ici de.

I hope my french is okay, Bro.

Bon au revoir, Vipe

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Ok the best is to start with Kegels then stretch & jelq and later after a month with weights?



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