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New idea read

New idea read

Ok so if magnets are good for circulation what if we make two cloth sleeves to fit over the penis and have little pockets that can be tied shut and then have 4 in each sleeve in a cross formation where the opposites are trying to combine through the penis and then put the second sleeve over the tip of the penis and have the 4 ends of the magnets resisting the base sleeve and make it an ads plus a circulation helper if you don’t understand thus I will be making a prototype very soon wish me luck

Are magnets “good for circulation?” What evidence, besides sites selling magnets, are you using to prove it?

Oh, good luck. :)

Red blood is full of iron and magnets are attracted to iron so it makes sense that magnets will stimulate the iron in the red blood in your penis. Sounds good in theory but what does it really mean? More circulation for the blood in your penis - if constructed in the right configuration. I would think you want the magnets to move your blood around in the most optimal way to facilitate growth in your unit. Just my thoughts come to think of it.

As an aside I just bought liquid Yohimbe from Herb Pharm. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? Is it safe, effective and what benefits for PE does it have? Thanks

Taurus, I believe yohimbe has had ups and downs for it’s views on effectiveness. I heard that it was blamed for a cause of ED in users of enlargement pills such as Enzyte, but pill companies have always been shady and I personally believe that it was wrongly accused. I know it’s widely known as an aphrodisiac, but am unsure of how this would affect PE.

Originally Posted by TaurusMale

I just bought liquid Yohimbe from Herb Pharm. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff?

I would be careful about combining that with magnetic-cock therapy. Even a tiny explosion is a horrible thing, if it is your penis that is exploding.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

boomboom1234 - Can you draw or make a prototype of your magnetic sleeve? It would be nice to see what it would look like. As an aside, I saw a magnetic wrist band at the pharmacy which has very strong small magnets ( I can’t remember their name) that is recommended for sports use. Has anyone heard of this technology before?

Originally Posted by TaurusMale

Red blood is full of iron

Yes, sure. From Mickey Mouse’s anatomy.

Our body is 90% of water. Does this means that we can inserted in a bottle?

Magnetic therapy is bull plop. Don’t waste your time. The field strength required to have any effect is so high that nothing you can put together will even come close. Even if you did have high field, what would that accomplish? Iron sticks to magnets, so what? That isn’t going to promote circulation. More likely a clot where the magnet is. Snake oil.

Ok well the band doesn’t really work it’s a work out placebo and magnets have an effect on circulation for me defiantly when I put them on I hang much fuller and keep much warmer the explosion comment idk what that was suppose to mean please explain

I bought the magnet bracelet at Walmart - it was on sale - 50% off so I thought wtf I’ll try it…so far I rather wear it on my wrist to see if my back feels any better - I have chronic sciatica so I’ll give it a whirl. If it helps maybe I’ll remove the 6 small magnets and arrange in a PE sleeve/sock and wear it on my cock and see if it helps me hang or whatever….PS. It’s made by a company called SABONA out of the UK since 1959 - you can find their web-site on the net.

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