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New, hope to learn and meet new friends.

New, hope to learn and meet new friends.

Hey, I’m new to a forum likes this but I want to learn more about PE and meet new friends along the way. I know some but never wanted to learn more about the PE thing until today. I have been doing the normal exercises: kegels, jelqs, stretches for about 3 years now. I have got a little over a inch in length from doing them but never got much girth. I started at about 5- 1/2 inches, 5- 1/4 girth. I am now 6- 3/4 inches still same girth (3 years of dedication).

Why I got into this subject all of a sudden. My wife surprised me with 2 new toys yesterday, a penis pump and a pussy pump! She goes to them toy parties with her friends and comes home with a new dildo or lubes and creams so I was surprised to see something different this time! I always wanted try it so I was turned on and got right to it last night. We put both on each other but she didn’t like the feeling right from the start, sucks didn’t get to pump her pussy (hopefully a drunk freaky night she will).

Anyway we kept playing with the penis pump and we where both amazed on how fat it got in the tube! She got carried away a couple times and kept pumping but my dick said stop so I would hit the release valve. Thank god, she probably would have broke it after I did some reading on here!. After her pumping it and me hitting the valve for a few times around a half hour she took it off. We where both like “HOLY SHIT” look how fat it is! I didn’t measure but it much fatter than normal.

After a good sex session and my wife telling me my dick felt bigger we took a shower and noticed I was still much fatter than normal and swollen al lot under my glans. We both kinda freaked out and got on computer and found out about the donut from HERE! (Back to normal now) After reading a lot about pumping from here I now know how to do it effective and safe since she and I were both into it after figuring it out lol. We plan on up grading to a better pump with a gauge, any suggestions for a beginner pumper? Hope to learn more and set a goal and reach it.. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome brah, enjoy your stay

Starting measurements 4/20/2014

Length: 6 inches

Girth: 4.5 inches

Check out the penis pumps threads in public forums. The first post has a link to all the best threads including selecting your tube size. Good luck.

Welcome, I hope you have a nice time here. :)

Just a little wisdom from the vets (not me, other people) - penis pumps don’t increase size permanently. Maybe they do in some cases, but manual exercises would do a better job 99% of the time. That being said, pumping before sex and having a bigger dick for a couple of hours seems to be a great morale boost. But again - don’t expect anything other than temporary gains.

P.S. Pussy pump… horrible. Do you really like the effect?

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Wish me luck! :)

Originally Posted by viksenpai

Just a little wisdom from the vets (not me, other people) - penis pumps don’t increase size permanently.

I think you’re at the wrong forums.

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