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New here!!

New here!!

Hey there,

I was checking out this place and it seems like it would be fun and pretty cool to try this stuff. I was wondering what i should search for to get started for a newbie . Thanks for help

check out the top thread on the newbie page.

Pretty soon you will be hereforthelonghaul :)

Welcome aboard!!


There is a great section just for newbies. Read it, know it and follow it. It’s the only place to start.

Then………Read, read, read!!!!! Everything you need to know can be found here, but feel free to ask all the questions you need. Everyone will be willing to help you out.

Good luck on future gains!!!! Just stick with it.


Welcome. Newbie myself (4weeks in). Go to the newbie forum and click the first thread. Do you have starting measurements?

I think we posted all at the same time :)


how effective is the newbie routine? and what are kegels?


The newbie routine is effecvtive, but remember, the most important thing about the Newbie routine is SAFETY!!! You don’t want to injure your unit. The main purpose of the Newbie routine is to get you conditioned for more advanced routines. I can’t stress this enough; conditioning is VERY important!!!!

Kegels are contractions of the PC/BC muscle. Its the squeezing you would do to stop your piss mid stream.

Hi justhereforfun!

I am pretty new myself.

I have in fact been PEing for 7 months. The first 6 months however we’re wasted because I didn’t do enough research, and didn’t get a proper grasp of the theory behind this. I am just starting to see results. If you are not sure about anything, read more, and if you are still not sure then just ask. There are some very experienced people on these boards who would love to help you.


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"

Consider the newbie routine in a weight lifting metaphor. You wouldnt get under 300 pounds and start bench pressing this weight if you never worked out before. PE is very much like this. You can hurt yourself so start at the start. And work your way up.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.



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