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new here

new here

new here was refered to this site by a friend, all so much info on here dont really know where to start??? just wanted to say hello and if any could direct me as where to start that would be great

Hey! I’m new here also, so i haven’t had a chance to look at quite everything yet, but I can tell you where I’m starting. :-)

The Newbie Routine-
Newbie Routine

The Video Series (so you know you’re doing it right)
Thunder’s Place Video Series

Good luck!

Hello hulk, welcome to this forum, my advise is, just read a lot, and focus on the newbie routine a few days.

Later dude.

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Great to have you here hulk! Watch the Caps otherwise you will have the grammar police after you.. I suggest reading up on the newbie routine and general faqs.. Feel free to pm me or any other member who has been here for a while, they will be happy to help get ya started..



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