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new here

new here

hey everybody,

i ‘m new here and very happy that i found this site and forum. tried pe for a couple ofmonth without a real success. gained maybe 0.3 in 3 months. maybe tried wrong techniques. i’m just warming up and afterwards about 30-45 minutes jelqs. would love to get some advice of you guys. my flaccid length is about 3.0, maybe a bit more and erect about 5.5. wish so much to gain! please help. thanks in advace and all the best for you!

Come 5,5 is average, you re ok !

But if you want a bigger DICK (and I can see your point!) you re perfect here !

I read a thousand articles and instructions here, and i did gain 5 mm girth, is that great or what !?

Just work hard and the reward will swaggle between your legs hehehe

Welcome to the board staypositive!

The best way to learn is to read as much as possible. This place is a gold mine of information, and a good place to start is to read the thread at the top of the newbie forum. Here you will find threads on a Starting Routine and a Quick Start Guide to the Exercises. Just keep in mind that seeing growth through PE takes time and will be a long term project. Good luck with your routine!

Also, when you post, make sure you try to capitalize the first letter of each sentence, so it’s easier for people to read. *

my advice is:
1/do a very intense warm (hot water or other) like 10 minutes, or even 15 you can repeat this at the end of routine or even in the between, of it. Warm will help a lot…don’t do like me, in the beginning i didn’t understand it.

2/ start with stretching. lateral, and up down. also in the middle position. You can use different hand position,
the one under the head pulling away the skin or also other variations (more near the base, or under the head, but using the skin) also you can try v-stretch and other kinds (read on it)

3/ you can repeat some hot water warming and do some jelq the time you have…20/30 min is OK, for me.
(there are many variations as you can read) and some squeezes. I use a little lubrificant, it’s a kind of wet-dry jelq. I have also restored my foreskin (like 80%) Do it slow, do it like you expand you son and with the time you get permanents results.

During the day you can use some PC flex. Hot water or similar is great to help this process. You can use and ads for a hour or more during the day, if you have the possibility (I use penis+ device)

The first months, don’t force too much, it’s not a competition! You need time to have results. Don’t hurt yourself.
It’s possible to hurt and to damage. But if you listen to your body, you can be safe. So, take it easy. Easy…but consistent!

For me, I have gained one inch (now some more) in more than one year. Now looking for a possible second inch.

Good luck!



I wrapped your text for you. You forgot or maybe you are using a pocket PC and don’t notice.

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Thanks a lot fellas! I give it a try. More than an inch, thats brilliant. Would be too good getting gains like that. Enjoh your day and thanks again.

Welcome aboard staypositive!

I think you should be more optimistic… i mean you say you gained 0.3… It may not be much (or little!), but now you now for sure this stuff works!

So cheer up! And remember: take it slowly!

Someday i'll be HUGE!

And then i'll show 'em :D :D :D


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