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New here

New here

Hey guys, been lurking here a bit and I hope I can get some help.

I’ve been thinking about starting PE because I’ve been concerned about my size
Even though I’ve been told it’s fine (5.5BP and 5 girth).
I’ve got some Asian in me too so that doesn’t really help about my confidence,
Or how girls initially think of my size.

My goal is to get around 6 to 6.5 BP and 5.5 or bigger girth.
Are there any techniques that I should look into more specifically or should I just stick to the newbie routine
And add exercises as I see fit?

Also, I don’t know if I was born this way or not, but my penis (both erect and not erect)
Is slightly twisted I guess you could say.
Looking down on it the urethra opening is more like this / than it is |.
I used to masturbate with my left hand all the time and my grip twisted my penis even more
So the opening wasn’t even vertical anymore.

Are there any stretches I can do to reverse this?
It’s not like it hinders me from having fun, but I’m not exactly digging it.

Welcome redvirus. The newbie routine (or a lighter version, like the linear routine) is always the best choice for beginners.

I’ve really know what’s your ‘twisting problem’ is, maybe you should post a pic. Anyway, changing the shape of your penis is always an hard thing.

What else? Oh, well…good luck! :)

Alright, I’ll get a picture up tomorrow. Are there

Any guidelines to pictures or can I just post directly?

Whoa- dude. You’re like my doppelganger. I’m half asian and have almost the same measurements (though I’ve gained a bit since starting). Even down to the twist in the dong. I do notice the twist follows the opposite side of the hand I use to rub one out - I think this might be some proof for PE, since it means that my dick on the side the palm I use to stroke is bigger.. Or maybe not. I did get a little frightened about it being too twisted/curved, but I think it’s really normal- like one leg being slightly longer. There are conditions where the penis almost makes an L shape! Now that’s lame!

Anyhow- welcome to thunders, my part asian- twisted penis brother.

Welcome to Thunder’s, redvirus. Your best bet is to start with the newbie routine and stick with it for at least three months. That’ll get you in touch with your unit, get it conditioned to PE, and most likely give you some nice newbie gains. It is not inconceivable that you could reach your goals (which are quite attainable) with the Newbie routine alone.

Meanwhile, read around on the forum and familiarize yourself with various routines and exercises. After three months or so, if and when your Newbie gains start to slow, then start experimenting with some more advanced routines.

As for pics, they are only in allowed in the Member’s Pics forum. As a newbie you can’t start a thread there yet, but if you start a pic thread in this forum (or post a pic in this thread) the mod who approves the pic can move the thread to the appropriate forum.

I should also add that your current size is quite good, both in girth and length. You are not small. You can and should feel confident and proud of what you already have. Meanwhile, enjoy the process of growing even bigger! :D

All the best, and good luck reaching your goals.

Cheeva said That’ll get you in touch with your unit.

This is very true red. Take the time to understand your tool. Follow the newbie routine but if it’s to much do less. If you feel 2day on 1 day off is to much go 1-1.
Be patient and learn, keep reading.

Good luck.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Originally Posted by danomyte

Even down to the twist in the dong. I do notice the twist follows the opposite side of the hand I use to rub one out

I have just started to notice this in the last few weeks.I think masturbating with my same hand continuously has twisted my penis just a little bit. I don’t recall ever noticing it before

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