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New here.

New here.

Anyways, I would like to get started with PE today. Been looking at the site and it seems like some good stuff. Could someone tell me how to measure my penis correctly so I can get accurate results? Thanks.

The quick answer (that I’m surprised you haven’t been bombarded with) is to use the search button on the top right of your screen.

The long answer is a little harder. What you will see over and over is that however you measure, do it the same every time. That way you can tell when you’re gaining.

Some people measure from the side. Personally, I don’t like doing it that way because there seems to be several depths of places to push on the bone to the sides.

My suggestion is to measure standing straight, from on top of your unit. You’ll want to use a ruler for length measurements and hold it out as close to level with the ground as possible (or 90* from how you’re standing). I’ve found that’s the easiest way to measure and be able to get the same measurement later. Also, if you have a curved unit, it’s definitely alright to straighten out when measuring (that’s what I do).

Girth is a lot easier. You can either use a string with your ruler, or something like a taylor’s clothe measuring tape. There’s really only 2 measurement’s that are important (to me anyway). Your base girth (as close to your body as possible) and your mid shaft girth (halfway up. Be sure to remember where this is for the next time you measure). For completeness, the abbreviations are: BSEG (Base Shaft Erect Girth) and MSEG (Mid-Shaft Erect Girth) for girth measurements.

The real fun starts when you try to measure your unit and take a picture at the same time (even more fun when you have a curve).

Hope that helped!


I’d also like to know if there is a way to find someone who has gained a lot of length/girth in a short time, like a 6 month period. I’ve seen some people on here a couple months ago who claimed to have done this and I’d like to consult people like this to ask them what routines they used. I know that just because I use their routine does not mean I will get the same results, but I’d like to at least try their methods and see what happens. How would I go about finding someone like this. Should I look for a mentor who did this or what?

Well there is not a definitive opinion regarding this matter. I mean many posters that have claimed impressive gains in short periods of time either lack the evidence to proof it or just don’t log in to the forum anymore.
Let me emphasise MOST as there have been some people with impressive gains that share their advice constantly.

Personally I would say go for the newbie routine, even if you would like to try another personĀ“s routine you still need to get your dick read, therefore the newbie routine. I’m pretty sure you will find out that there is no better introduction to PE than the newbie routine and you will be amazed by your gains.

Just remember to give it time and don’t be eager for results or you might injure yourself, keep in mind there are fast and slow gainers. So just stick with the newbie routine for about 4 months and then you might consider adding some advanced exercises gradually. Be consistent!

Hope this helps and good luck by the way;)

Was (july 07): 5.25 nbp (5.9 bp)X 4.5

July 10 :6.15 nbp (6.65 bp)X 4.8

Goal: 6.75 nbp (7.1 bp) x 5.1 Final goal : 7.25 nbp x 5.3


I would have put this in it’s own new thread but for some reason the system would not let me so I decided to reply to this thread.

After doing PE about 2 years ago for just a few weeks for whatever stupid reason I lost my motivation. Ironically because I think I was seeing dramatic changes in erection strength and was making the best use out of the size I have that I didn’t really need it. I was pleasing my wife and all was good. Well this past few weeks I had been partying a lot and my wife and I had been going out with the specific intention that she wanted to try a threesome with another women. Well happened Saturday night and because of all the nights out setting it up and little sleep and nervousness I was totally unable to perform. It was embarassing for all of us although the women got to cum good and I (barely) got to as well, it was for me pretty humiliating an amazing opportunity lost.

I’m only 5’6” tall and when I’m FULLY erect I get to between 5.5” and 6” depending on erection strength. But I’m more of a grower than a shower so Saturday night was totally humiliating as my penis was just totally undersized. As George Castandza would say ‘significan shrinkage’.

Anyway, that has brought me back thinking I need to start working on my penis health, EQ and of size is definitely a goal as well.

After just those few weeks of PE I did two years ago I was seeing right at 6” because my erections were better. I also was taking Orexis which seemed to at least help me achieve the maximum size I was capable of. Of course I’m going to try and get more rest and eat a healthier diet. Part of my goal is get a good enough sized penis that if I’m not 100% erect it still looks nice and big. If I’m completely erect most women think I’m pretty well hung for 5’6”. But if I’m not fully erect I lose a ton of size fast.

Now the other problem I have is that my time is very very tight. I’m expecting I”m only going to have about 30 minutes in the morning for the majority of my routine. Would it be beneficial at all to do manual stretches say 3-4 minutes every few hours while I’m at work? The concern there is no warmup but would maybe some light stretch help some. I could also perhaps get another 10-15 in the evening but I really don’t want my wife to know I’m doing this until I have some good gains. She’s very skeptical/cynical about penis enlargement and I will never hear the end of it if she knows what I’m trying to do. I’m sure there are other guys here that can relate that their wives/gf’s may consider it a form of vanity or the steroetypical male worried about penis size.

Anyways I would appreciate any tips to maximize my gains around a tight schedule and discrecion at home. Also any recommendations on improving EQ as a big part of the goal even if that means a supliment of some kind.

My goal is to get to 7”-7.25” with good girth but I don’t know how realistic it is when my time constraints. So that would be adding a total of about 1.5-1.75” in length. I have taken starting pictures flacid and I have some erect without a ruler. I will post them up here at some point and try and keep up with a progress log.



30 mins should be ok in your first few months. If you need more time later on (and you know you are getting good gains) maybe you could try to shuffle some things around or wake up early and do it. For now 30 mins should be okay I think. Stick to the newbie routine and during the day at work whenever you do a piss, do a 10 second stretch down and out.. that should help things as well.

Thanks for the advice! I did about 15 minutes this morning in the shower and I know that in a few weeks I will see gains like last time. IT’s definitely slow getting started but at least I do know it is possible to get those newbee gains. I’ve never been one that really needed size to be confident but when I started having performance issues then it compounds the problem. Plus I did find that doing the PE stuff gave me more confidence in getting and maintaining an erection. I’m going to order more Orexis I think because that stuff really did help me with the erection issues and that is really 75% of what is important these first few weeks for me.

I’d so like to have an 8x6 but I just don’t know if that is possible given my lifestyle. Reading these forums though gives me confidence and I think I’m one that’s fortunate enough to get gains rather quickly. I guess we’ll find out.


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