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New Here

New Here

First off allow me to introduce myself.I’m 33 years old and I’m a successful real estate investor.I’ve never been really insecure about my manhood with the exception of one fleeting moment when some damn shallow woman asked me over I’M chat what my size was.I danced around the subject because really I didn’t think it was any of her business but at the point I was wondering if I was capable of really pleasing women.I mean I’ve had my share of women and they seemed to enjoy it with no probs and if they had a problem then I never found out about it but this was before I learned what it takes to really pleasure a woman.That moment really didn’t last long because I thought to myself if a woman really cared about a man she wouldn’t even bother getting out the measuring stick.

This led to me investigating this whole size issue.I came upon tons of sites on penile enlargements,techniques different opinions.I stopped at one time because of other interests but recently I came back to it and did some more research.I new about jelqing when I first started researching but wasn’t sure if it worked.The ones that said usually had something to sell.I came upon this site a while back and put it in my favorites but it seems it got deleted but I’m glad I found it again.

As far as my size I never really been insecure,egotistical or curious to even measure it.I am about average or below average give or take and because I’m back to having my stupid fat gut I believe it shrunk somewhat so I can’t tell.If I had to guess I would say now about 5” X 5” and again I’m guessing.

The more I studied jelqing the more I was curious if it worked or not.This site proves that it does because the ones that say it does have nothing to gain(except dick size lol)no profit no nothing so those who went from average to above average I believe.

And that is why I’m going to try it myself.No not because I’m trying to impress Suzi Q with the big tits down the street or to fill Miss Shallow Size Queen at the mall.I believe now and always believe that if a woman measures a man’s worth by his dick size then all I have to say is TAKE A HIKE BITCH BRING ON THE NEXT ONE.You see I’m doing this for 2 reasons 1 being the curious factor the other is because I have this nasty habit of wanting more then what I have.You know more money(which is why I went into real estate investing)more possessions and yes even more manhood size.I just want an ego boost you know some more confidence even though I have confidence nothing wrong with wanting some add advantage.

So I’m going to try the newbie program and go from there.I’m going into this with a positive attitude not expecting a whole lot but if it comes it comes.I’ll end up starting this when I start back up my weightlifting routine(boy do I miss my cover model looks).My goals are as followed:

Goal-1” from current size
Main Goal-7”X7”
Ultimate Goal-9”X7”

Although I doubt that I will reach either my main goal or my ultimate goal but I won’t know unless I try.I will stick around though and ask questions and do more research and I’m hoping that I can reach my goals but if not then it aint the end of the world at least I’ll get my looks back,I have my wonderful attitude and my money 3 attributes that women go for anyway.


Keep in mind while beginning and continuing PE that most of us do this for ourselves. Some have altruistic motives, but for most of us this is a Me First thing. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Stick to your program. Don’t beat yourself up or overdo.

You do need to take some concise measurements before you get much into this so you can track your progress.

Good luck. And most of all, have fun.



You have a very good unit already dude, don’t let silly IM chicks get you down, please! Oh, and welcome. :)

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First of all welcome to the forum.

Secondly, don’t doubt yourself. Anything is possible and just stay positive.

Thirdly, make sure to read up on the FAQ section of the site and take it slow for a while.

Gains will come!

Good Luck

Welcome to Thunders,good luck.

As far as your ego goes you are better off trying to diminish it as much as possible. The ego is ever hungry and will never be satisfied no matter how much money you make, how hot your girlfriend is, or how big your dick gets.
The ego is the false self comprised of the following elements:
(1) You are what you have. Your possessions define you.
(2) You are what you do. Your job defines you.
(3) You are what other people think of you. Your reputation defines you.
(4) You are separate from that which you desire. This one is complicated to explain and I don’t think I can do a good job. Look up interpretations.
(5) You are separate from other people. You have no connection to anybody else.
(6) You are separate from God. You have no direct connection to God.

All of these six things are what spiritual practitioners say make up the human ego or false self. Diminish them as much as you can and you will lead a much happier, more peaceful, more fulfilling life. I have tried this in my own life as much as possible and I can say that it has a lot of validity to it.

Welcome to the forum

Start Date 4/15/06 EL 6.25", EG 5.0" ~~~> GOAL EL 8.5", EG 7.0"

UPDATE: 5/02/06 EL 6.5" (NBP), EG 5.375" ~~~> GOAL EL 8.5", EG 7.0"

Welcome here and good luck


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