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New here

New here

I have been peing for 8 months now,been lurking here for a month or so and decided to join here in hopes of learning more and helping out where I can. I’ve had pretty good results in my short time, I’ve gone from 5.75 to 6.25in in length and from 4.75 to 5.375 in girth mid-shaft. I recently added pumping, about a month ago, to my routine and can tell it’s working well for my flaccid size. I only measure once a month so I don’t know if any erect changes have occured yet but you never know.

Dr. Dickenstein:

Congratulations on the gains! Welcome to the “pumpers club”. When I was seriously pumping, I had about a 6½” flaccid hang: definitely difficult to hide! What exercises are you doing in your PE routine that gave you the good gains?


6.5 would be nice for flaccid,let it hang down my pant leg! Girth is what I’m going for, trying to get the shaft up to the size of my base (6.5) then I’ll go on from routine as of now is fairly similar to my beginning routine with added pumping and dry jelqs. Warm up 5 min,light stretches all directions 3 sets 15 secs each direction,20 min pump, I do my pump in a pump,hold,release(pump to comfort, don’t have a gauge right now,hold for 2 min release, do about 20 quick kegels then repeat 10 times) 250 wet jelqs, sets of 50 refresh blood do 25 dry jelqs after each 50,then I do another 20 min pump then warm down for 5 min or shower. Take out the pump and the dry jelqs and that’s was my newbie routine. The dry jelqs are what seem to work really well for me and helped boost my gains.

Welcome dickemstein! Nice gains.I’ll be pumping soon.I just have to decide which pump I want.So many choices and only one penis to use them on.Anyway I wish you continued success.


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