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New here,starting over

New here,starting over

Just thought I’d say hell-o and compliment everyone on the quality of this forum,it really seems great. I was struck with a pretty serious health issue about 6 years ago and my sex life was all but null.I just didn’t have the strength or energy to do much of anything . I have improved dramatically in the past year and just started jelqing about a week ago.I know it hasn’t made any difference in size yet but it seems I have a harder erection and have rediscovered sex. It has also encouraged me to start a regular work out program and try to get back in shape all around. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I know it sounds cliche, but you really do take your good health for granted. Thanks

Hi secondchance, I’m new here too. It’s good that your health is improving and that you are rediscovering sex and working on your size too! You can tell you are recovering when thoughts turn to your cock. I used to be a regular at PE but took a year off as I was too busy with work. The PE exercises were effective and I gained 2 inches in length. It does work but you have to keep at it. I’m about to start a new PE program and hope to make some more gains. I will post some progress pics.

Welcome to TP guys.

Secondchance, a week is not enough time to see improvements. Give it sometime, you will then notice that your penis is starting to get harder, more veinous etc. Just follow the newbie routine and monitor your PIs to growth. Don’t rush too much either.

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Hey .guys ! I’m new here and I’m not happy with my dick size .so I come here for help !

derekt tan,

When you make a moment, please read the forum guidelines. Thanks a bunch and then some.

Second chance and beninlondon, welcome !

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Glad I could finally attain a membership. Used to follow a routine for a while, and got some visible results. Problem was I never actually took measurements. I’ve had a bit of a break for numerous reasons, but plan to really incorporate it into my weekly routine. Doubt the wifey will mind. I’ve seen a lot of good things come out of here, and being a past avid reader and not being able to sign up was a pain. Anyways, This is my official Hello to the forums. Good to finally be here.


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