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New here - some comments and questions

New here - some comments and questions


I just discovered the whole PE thing a few months ago when I was doing research on the net for circumcision restoration. I had been doing that for a year or so with few gains (about partial coverage when sitting right after a hot shower - but thats it - for those who are curious) so I was searching for new methods of doing it. At any rate, I was immediately interested in what I read about PE and in learning more and eventually found this board.

So to jump right into it. I have been using somewhat of a make-shift routine right now. When I am in the shower I’ll let the hot water warm my unit up and then do 2 sets of 50-second manual stretches both sides, out, up and down. Then I’ll do about 200 jelqs with soap, usually having to pause for a minute or two half way thru to let the erection I always seem to get die down. At the end, I’ll usually be mostly hard again, I will squeeze my PC muscle and forming a tight grip, force all the blood into the head and hold it there while I continue to squeeze my PC muscle about 30 times. Is that a Uli? I’ll do that maybe 2 or 3 times. I’ll do this every day. Also, every time I go to take a piss, before I go I’ll do a manual stretch outward for about 30 secs or so. I’ll also repeat the manual stretches in every direction before bed.

Is that a pretty good beginning routine? Please give me feedback here.

I’ve been doing it for about a month now. So far the only gains I seem to have made are in flaccid length. I started with about 1-2 inches, now it’s about 4-5. Which looks good, but I haven’t gained any erect length at all so I’m concerned I’m going to end up with a penis that’s the same length both hard and soft.

I did buy a bib starter a few weeks ago but haven’t been able to use it yet. Whenever I start to apply the tape (or whatever that plastic wrap stuff is) I start to get an erection. I imagine this is purely psychological and will pass as I get more used to handling my penis without any intention of masturbation or sex. So as to the hanging, I haven’t started it yet.

Also, for the curious, my measurements are as follows:

Erect length: 6.5 when bone pressed, 6 when just laying on top (tho this seems to vary a little sometimes)
Erect girth: 5 1/8th
flaccid length: 4-5

I’m looking for more all around. I’d like to get up to at least 8in when erect and 6in around, tho of course I wouldn’t complain with more.

So any comments? Advice on the program I’m using right now? What to add, what to do differently? Any comments would be appreciated.



Welcome to Thunders!

The fellas will be able to give you good advice. Mine would be to read the newbie routine and follow it for the time being.

Best of luck on gains, and once again, welcome.

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Welcome Dbooster!

Sounds like your hitting the pavement running!

I don’t know about the soap jelking, it always caused me slight skin irritation afterwards.

Be sure to keep us posted on your progress.

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