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New here, should I stop edging ?

New here, should I stop edging ?

Hi guys I am new her but I am aware of the PE community for several years now..
I never practiced PE before but coincidentally I found out that I was edging my whole life.. For extended periods of masturbation sessions..
I have been masturbating every day at least 2 times to 5 times.. For 8 years now..

And I quite lost the sens of having a spontaneous erection from watching porn or in real life interactions.. I have no morning wood ..
I don’t think that this is an ocd because I feel lust when looking at a scene and that what is driving me to start a masturbation session.. Which I find pleasure in and enjoy..

What brought me here are two things, first I think that I have a form of ED..
Since I lose erection rather quickly after stopping manual stimulation..
Secondly I would like to add some length to my already thick unit..
I have 6” BPEL
An 6.5” MSEG
I am a grower, (FL 4”, FG 5”)..

I know about my unusual girth,
And I do wear special condoms..
I have so far only found a couple of sex partners that could manage my size, but not without difficulty..

But the main reason I am here is that I want to quit edging sessions,
Because this entails ejaculations at every final round..
But I fear that my girth could be unnatural thus I could loose it ..
I know that common sens tells me that would be a nice thing but this I could regret later .maybe..
So I would like to know if there is a way to trade edging for something that could enhance length and keep girth about..
Some exercise that stays away from erect state (to avoid ejaculation temptation) and which could be done using only one hand.

Welcome aboard. I get that you are 48yo from your username; I don’t think most of people of that age are able to keep erection without constant stimulation. No stretching exercise is going to make lose girth; there are people who actually get some girth gains from stretching. We have both videos and instructions on stretching; doing them with one hand (may I ask why? I mean, is that a temporary or permanent issue?) is a bit tricky but not impossible. Stretching is done in flaccid state.

If you can’t manage to perform manual stretches, you could make use of an extender or try hanging (although this latter is also not easy to perform with one hand).

A question that many I guess have in mind: do you think your huge girth is due to edging or have you always been that way?

Thank you marinera for your answer, I am not an english speaker..
I am not 48yrs old I am in my late 20s,
I have two solid memories regarding my girth size being natural to some extent,
First my older brother when we were children maybe 7yrs old making fun on how it looked short AND fat. Flaccid state..
And 15 yrs old with the toilet paper roll “experiment” , I remember clearly that it didn’t fit well and also on how it scratched my still sensitive skin lol
But now I guess that edging made it more girthier since I can’t even fit my head in it.. I spoke of 8 years of constant day by day 2 to 5 ejaculations per day.. Which is killing my sex drive mood..

So here is my dilemma,
My first priority being that I want to recover my ability to have spontaneous normal erection like everybody else and the feeling of sex drive..
But since that requires stopping masturbation, I find my self procrastinating on this using the argument that masturbating is what gave me this girth trough edging.. And reading stuff on how people are loosing sometimes their gains when sopping etc..
So in order to recover normal sex drive I have to stop masturbating and edging at the same time.. And since edging is maybe responsible of my girth gains.. I at least want to trade it for another exercise that keep my girth about and why not giving me more length since I look short..
The idea behind one handed exercise is to switch hands to lose unconscious habits of manual stimulation that my right hand have acquired.. And why not using no hands at all :)

You won’t lose girth doing any exercises so don’t worry about that. Your girth is basically 99,99% natural stopping edging won’t shrink (wouldn’t even if you had gained via other methods).
I have kind of been in a similar situation with very frequent masturbation and edging prior to PE and I wouldn’t attribute my length (which is in my case balanced the other way around) nor my girth.

I would also recommend the same exercises as Marinera as your wish is to gain length only.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Thank you guys for your kind answers, I think that extender + hanging sounds perfect :)

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