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New here - need help.

New here - need help.

Hey Thunder community!

I was looking to increase my penis size (both length and width) - both flaccid and erect - as soon as possible.
However, I can’t purchase anything. I wanted your guys’ input on what I should do.

Here’s some background info., I’m not sure if this will make a difference in your answer:

I’m 18 years old. My flaccid size varies (from 2 to 4 inches) long, and 4” thick. My erect size is about 6” long, and about 4.5” thick..

I was looking to get it to about 5” flaccid (5” thick), and 7” erect (6” thick).

I’m very self cautious about my penis, and do whatever it takes to refrain from anybody seeing it. I don’t shower at the gym, and am still a virgin because I fear I won’t be able to please a girl with the size I have.

I haven’t even showed my friends or whatever because I’m nervous of what they’ll think.

Hi l33t69

Welcome to the Forum.

You are about average, so there is no need to feel shy about what you have. But as Iamaru says the Newbie routine is there waiting for you, .

So away you go - and Good Luck.

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