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New here, need a little advice


New here, need a little advice

Hey yall, this is my first post here and I’m wondering if yall could answer a few of my questions.

OK, I’ve tried jelqing before and a few years back I did it for 3 months straight. I put on a whole inch in length and I’m unsure how much girth since I never measured that. I used the slow technique (3 second reps) and I would jelq for 30-45 minutes daily, except Sundays.

I stopped jelqing, however, because my penis started to look funny. It was huge and thick at the top and skinny at the base. I realize that this happened because there is more blood forced towards the head of the penis at the bottom portion of the movement, but I couldn’t figure out how to remedy it. So I just stopped and my penis shrank a half an inch. But now I’ve stumbled on this site and plan on starting back again assuming I can figure out how to avoid that “baseball bat” look.

All help is appreciated.

Pardon my southern dialect.. But do YOU’S GUYS think that if that problem should arise again that doing half reps from the base to the mid shaft would be a good idea?


Anything that will inflate and stretch the lower part should work. Try starting your jelgue as close to the body as possible, every pull you hand hard against your pubic bone before you start.

You could try squeezes, where you put pressure on the part of your penis close to your body.

Pumping does a good job of working on the lower part of the penis too.

Just keep in mind that if you do too much total work,you may put yourself into overtraining and out of your growth zone. You seemed to respond great to 35-40 minutes, so keep it in that range to start again, and see how you respond.


welcome to Thunders and maybe this will help:
Try pushing those fingers into the fat pad as far as you can go every time and ease up on the pressure as you go up the shaft or
Hold the O grip until you get halfway up the shaft and start another jelq right behind that one as you let go slowly of the one halfway up the shaft.

Another good way is squeezes: The way I squeeze is getting a decent pumped flaccid and holding a tight grip at the base and holding a grip just underneath the head and pushing the two ends together trying not to bend your shaft.
Good luck.

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Man and I was going to use yall as a screen name too! Hey GA. Read this thread. I’ve been trying it out and it appears as if it would be true (although I haven’t been doing them long enough to substantiate that) It’s worth a shot though.

Kay J Tabb - And The Baseball Bat Effect!


Hanging will build up the base region to tree trunk dimensions.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice, ill keep ya updated on how good it works.

Ok, I’ve never done the stretching before so I’m a little confused on the technique. Do I wrap my hand around the head of my penis until I’m about an inch down the shaft or do I wrap my hand around the shaft and leave about a 1 inch gap inbetween my hand and the head of my penis?

Also, help me out with this LOT thing. In order for me to determine what kind of stretching I should do, I need to find at what angle I experience a loss of tugback. Well, I stretched my flaccid penis out and flexed my kegel and I could visually see the head moving from every angle except straight down. Does this mean I have a low LOT or did I do something wrong.

Hey GA, check out the Tutorials Forum in the Members Only section. It will show you in there how and where to grip. You generally want to stay about an inch behind the glans. So I guess it would be the inch gap answer to your question.

It sounds like you have a low LOT. Just make sure there is a visible tug back of the head only. If the head is pulling back just because the shaft is, then you’ve passed your LOT. Also, don’t worry about having a low LOT, you can still gain. Your LOT usually is just an indicator of which direction you want to focus on pulling. I pull in all directions regardless of LOT, but I do more stretches in the direction my LOT indicates. If that makes sense.


Oops, I was doing it wrong, I’m about an 8:00.

I looked in the tutorials section and in most of the stretches he is making a fist around the head rather than around the shaft, but he uses both ways. Which way is more effective for stretching the ligs?

Here’s what I do. I put my forefinger and thumb about an inch below the glans (an inch gap between them and the base of the glans). Then I close my others fingers so it looks like I am making a fist over the head when actually all the squeezing pressure is at the forefinger and thumb. This may be what he is doing in the video. At most the other fingers merely help with light traction, but I don’t squeeze with them.


How is it that jelq squeezes help with girth more than regular jelqs?

They are a bit more intense. You expand the penis more with the squeezes IMO. With jelqs you push the blood up the shaft but it can pass back through your grip fairly easily. With jelq squeezes you grip firmer so the blood doesn’t pass through the grip as easily. That way you keep a fuller “pump”, thus more expansion.


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So I would assume that they are a bit on the advanced you think it would help combat the baseball effect? Also, when would you suggest throwing those into the routine? Thanks, later.

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