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New here. lubricant

New here. lubricant

Hello, I’m just starting out and don’t really know what I’m doing. Any advice on how to begin jelqing? I’ve been trying to dry jelq, but it starts to hurt after a while. What is a good non-messy lube you guys use? Thanks.

Did you look at the videos for help with manual techniques? Text descriptions can be puzzling without photos or video.

For lube lots of guys just go with a high quality sex lube. The best stuff is found at sex shops, but pretty damn good lube can be had a places like Target (e.g. Astroglide). Baby oil or baby oil gel work great, but are a bit more work cleaning up because they aren’t water based. Water based lubes clean up fast, but also don’t last quite as long during workouts. Another option is Albolene—stuff women use to remove makeup, but is actually a surprisingly good lube and not expensive. Low cost is an advantage to the baby oil options, especially if you buy the store brand.

Just stay away from soaps. They will dry out your skin, even if they feel nice and slick in use.

Agreed. Silicone or oil-based lubes are the best.

Some people also use olive oil. I’ve tried it and it’s works well.

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I use Vaseline. Dry jelqing is a bit more advanced. You should start off wet jelqing anyways… Read the Newbie literature more thoroughly.

And use the search function next time before making a new post.

Originally Posted by Tweaking
Olive oil, cheap, feels great, smells good and it’s good for your skin!

What he said!

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Pure Vaseline. Not used Olive oil but bet it is better than baby oil; which does not seem to slide at all.

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Thanks guys, sorry for not using the search button.

Olive oil should be in your kitchen anyways so give it a jerk. I like it. I’ve been using up some of the tons of hand cream that were building up in the baths for the last 15 years. They work. Some tend to not last more than 25 strokes although it will vary depending on how you do it. (big variable) Good luck with PE! Watch your meat grow. Get the routine down and stick to it for a few months.

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Olive oil—the great multi-tasker! Use it on your meat, and on your meat too!

I’ve tried baby oil, baby oil gel, neutrogena (sp?), astroglide and various sex lubes, but Grape-seed oil is my recommendation, love it. It has a great lasting quality and seems to help me to get and keep a nice, warm, full feeling during and after sessions. I also hear that almond oil is good and avocado oil is supposedly super-rich in skin nutrients though very expensive.

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I use silicone based lube (wet platinum). If you decide to go with it buy it on amazon. You can get 1/2 gallon for like 70 bucks where the store would cost like 250….. Almost always shop online lol.

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Heere We GOOooh!

How much vaseline should I use? Would one finger of it be enough to last 15 minutes? And what’s the clean up like?

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