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New here, kind of a unique situation

New here, kind of a unique situation

So I’ve been going through this forum and am shocked at the results some people have, good to see people stretching their rods to their desired length.

Now I’ve been talking a BAD ASS girl. Like.. 9/10, so I figured I’d give some of these routines a go in an effort to really impress. My current length is 7.8 inches with a little over 5 inches of girth ( which is measuring around the thickest part of your junk right?)

My goal is to make it a solid 8 inches or a little more. Girth I don’t know, it’s hard to believe jelqing gives you girth haha.

But here is the thing. My foreskin has a hard time retracting over the head of my penis. ( Uncircumcised )

When erect, I get a stretching pain from the foreskin and the frenulum. Which is making these exercises difficult to do, I don’t even think I’m getting the full benefit because of it.

Anyone know what I’m talking about? My foreskin only retracts, around half way or so. Should I get my stuff snipped or do I continue with the PE routine regardless?

Thanks for the help

I had the same issue, I fixed mine by stretching the foreskin out. I would warm up in the shower and put my fingers under my foreskin (gross, I know) and gently pull apart. My doctor also gave me steroid cream called Fucibet which helped wonders. There are many ways to stretch it all out. I had phimosis, frenulum breve and now looking at this board I think I might have peyronies too ha. But phimosis and Frenulum breve are easy to fix, just stretch it gently (can’t stress this enough as I’ve torn my shit up before and it is paaaaaaaaaainful).

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

On hiatus

Ditto, Beepalot’s advise is spot on, work on retracting and stretching it and use a hydrocortisone steroid cream if needed.

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