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New Here - Help Needed

New Here - Help Needed

Hello guys. Trying the newbie routine, but its very cold and I keep shrinking which makes it difficult. Question, is it ok to do this in a shower or tub?

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I have been reading alot and seen from many of post that it works better that way. I’m a little new at this also but have of my days I do them are in the shower and I fund it helps.

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It’s absolutely OK. I do the majority of my stretching in the hot-tub, and jelqing in the shower. Comfortable, and no issues with warm-up and staying warmed-up.

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Thanks guys, I wasn’t sure if it would affect the exercise negatively.

The heat of the shower/bath will help loosen tissue as well as increase blood flow.

Your actually better off.

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I’ve had one of my best jelqing session after sitting in a hot tub. I’ve done the tub as well but you can also keep a hot tub of water close by and re-dip a washcloth.

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