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New here have a few questions please help

New here have a few questions please help

Hi I just have a few questions I have started the newbie routine about a month now and all is well so far.

Question #1 : I usually do my routines during the day and when my girl comes home she wants to have sex is that okay after routines or even the following morning?

Question #2 : when I’m having sex sometimes I have a hard time controlling my ejaculation whats the best way to learn to control so it so I don’t cum early?

Question #3 : when can I find or buy some Viagra online?

Thanks for your help it is much appreciated.

Question 1 is fine. I’ve been doing PE same time as you and have gained fine having sex the same day or the following morning.

2: Doing kegels help definatley.

3. Good question Im looking to get some in the UK myself.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Thanks for the feedback that helps but please if anyone has any other input I would appreciate it

Hi dzantonn, welcome to Thunder’s Place. We have a very helpful search feature here. As you might guess all of your questions have been asked before. You can help yourself to many answers by searching. The search button is at the top right of every page.

The best way to find something is to use the “advanced search” link that shows up in the drop down menu when you click on the search button. On that page put your search terms in the box on the left side of the page. You can search all words in all the threads or search only the titles. A title search will usually bring up the most useful threads, but not always.

1. Search for “masturbation gains” in a title only search.
2. Search for “ejaculation control” in a title only search.
3. Search for “viagra online” in a full text search.

To help you out here are some I found. Please try to use the search yourself next time.

1. The “Does Sex/Masturbation Hinder Gains” Debate
2. I’ve cured my premature ejaculation
3. Real Viagra/Cialis online?

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