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New here, got a couple of questions

New here, got a couple of questions


So I’ve just started the noob routine on this site, but have a couple of questions

1. How many seconds rest should I have in between the 10 sets of 30 second stretches?
2. When I’m wet jelqing my penis becomes erect. I read here that jelqing with an erect penis can be very harmful, unfortunately I found that out after my first go on the routine. So to prevent it happening again, what do I do?
3. I thought about changing the routine so I have a day on, a day off etc etc rather than 2 days on, 1 day off. I thought this because if my penis is sore the day after exercising, it might be better to have a day off after followed by a day on when it is no longer sore. Good idea?


I’m new and would also be interested in an answer.. Anybody?

One body here :)

1. Rest between sets, depends on an individual. I do not think there is any specific rest time that will apply to everyone.
Usually rest time between sets gets dictate by factors such as
A) the amount of time and privacy is available to someone. (Short on privacy= quicker rest)
B) sore hands
C) intensity of the routine.

But in general as long as your rest period between sets is under a few minutes, you should be alright.

2. If you get 90-100% erect while doing your jelq, just relax, switch your mind to something else and let the erection subside.
Over time as you become more experience and use to the feeling it would not be an issue.

Well put, zabora.


Welcome to the forum and the world of PE.

I agree with Zabora’s answer.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)


I did the routine last night and I’m not sore this morning. Does this mean I wasn’t doing it intense enough or is it good for them it not to be sore?

All you need to have is a slight, but pleasant feeling for a while afterewards. Soreness means you are overdoing it.

As your penis gets acclim,atised you can increase the workout, but never if it causes any pain.

You will get gains much more quickly that way.

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