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New Here, few questions

New Here, few questions

Hello to all here on thunders. I’ve been reading stuff here for a few weeks to gain a decent knowledge base on all the stuff regarding PE and now have a few questions I hope can be answered. Of course I’m here because of size insecurity and feeling inadequate. Currently about 6in BPL x 4in girth, my main goal would be to get to 7 x 5 and would honestly be pretty happy with that and would maybe even try for more if methods work. I am definitely willing to put in the time and patience required.

My questions are as followed:
1. Is my goal realistic and achievable?
2. Can I still gain if I can only PE about every other day do to others living in my home and not always being able to get the privacy and time?
3. Will alternating routines work? Like stated in previous question I am not always able to get the privacy for a longer routine such as jelqing or the newbie routine, would I be able to do that on the days I have time/ the privacy and possibly do a stretching routine on the other days that I can’t?

I have done a form of the newbie routine about a month ago but had to stop because I got really busy with things and just couldn’t find the time. I now have a more free schedule and would really like to start back up again, especially after all the reading I have done here saying that all this is legit.

Please leave me your feedback, comments, suggestions or anything that could be of use for me to know.

1 Yes that goal seems do able how ever girth takes time for some is what I hear. I have been going for about a year and still no girth gains, but gained about an inch in length.

2 Some people gain with less. I don’t remember who all has but some need more work and some use less

3 I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I tend to go back and forth working length for a few weeks and girth for a few weeks. Right now I’m trying to take a break from PE to decondition and hopefully start gaining again like when I first started.

Did you make any gains in that month or get better EQ?

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