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New here and need tips


New here and need tips

Hello ! I youst noticed this place and wonder if it’s working?
I got 16 cm long and 15 girth.
Is it possible to reach 18cm? Would b really happy for my self confined and sexual life
Please send me some tips and tricks how I should do :)


Thx man! Youst need some tips and tricks about how long untill I see results, I understand its and long way result, but how long and how many days a week for good results for a beginer?

It is not unusual for guys starting the Newbie Routine to see a gain of 1/4 to 1/2 inch within the first 2 or 3 weeks. We call it the Newbie Pop. If you do get such a result, just don’t expect that pace of gaining to continue. That is when patience and time have to kick in.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Equally some guys do PE for several months with very little gains, then gains seem to come out of nowhere. Tips? Be consistent. Do a proper warm up. Don’t try to up the intensity too fast - that just toughens up the tissues and your gains hit a dead stop. Treat PE as a long term project and use the least effort you can while still making gains. When you are making gains, don’t change anything until the gains stop, and only then try increasing time, intensity, or a new exercise. That about covers the best tips.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Nice girth indeed, 15cm!

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

Okey Then understand the proces a little better, how !
How important is the warm up for exercise ? And I don’t really get it how the warm upp shood work, any tip how I should do? Heat up à towel or something?

Thanks Kjdeet! Can I loose girth when I do PE?

You want to warm up and then stretch before exercising to prevent injury and you want to warm up after exercising to help/speed up the healing process. This applies to penis exercises(PE) or any other type of exercises.

There are many warm up methods. The most old method is to soak a cloth/towel in warm/hot water and then wrap the cloth/towel around your penis. I like the warm up method where you take a cup and fill it with warm/hot water and then put your penis into the cup, you can also have warm/hot shower water flowing over your penis and filling up the cup constantly. Instead of the cup method, a hot tub works too. Other methods include taking a sock and filling it up with rice and use the micro wave to heat it up and there is also heating lamps.ect

PE was meant to increase penis size, not decrease it. Jelqing exercises are mainly for girth, but they can also do length. While stretching exercises are mainly for length, but can also do girth too. I have done PE myself and never had decreased size, I heard people saying they did jelqing for like one to two days or one to two weeks and saying that they lost like half an inch or a inch.ect, but I know now they are just lying trolls, unless they were actually trying to kill their penis then I can understand.

That was an really helpfull answear Obi! Great thanks man!
Is it possible for Me to reach 18 cm from 15 cm? Youst whant to know if it’s possible :)
All of this stretching and jelqing, can it hurt My penis ? Maby take it chill and do 2 On and 1 off for a couple of months and have patience? And is there something you guys can tip me to not hurt My penis , so I don’t hurt My erection level and have some other problems in future :)

I think I Will start today, document all the cm I have, and start fr.o.m.
Newbie section, is that à good start for me?

You want to start on the newbie routine, the one in the link gprent provided. Once you get there, there is more links for more information. Read and read before you jump into it. Make sure you know what your doing.

I prefer the linear routine approach. PE is not a race. You start off easy and do low amount of PE exercises and increase the intensity slowly until you start gaining. Once you start gaining you should stick with that routine/intensity until the gains stop and then you can take a deconditioning break and/or increase the intensity once again. The newbie/linear routine is safest for learners, but it is possible to get an injury.

Yes, PE exercises can hurt your penis if you do them seriously wrong, my penis is tough so maybe I will change that to just doing them wrong. You should stay away from any advance routines for now. Manual/hands stretching+jelqing exercises have the advantage of how much intensity you can apply. If you feel pain, then your stretching or gripping too hard. Just stay away from doing PE exercises too hard. Since your a newbie, you should also stay away from erect jelqs for now.

2 days on and 1 day off is a normal routine, it’s in the newbie routine so that’s what you should do.

Length gains are easier than girth gains. If you gain with the newbie routine then you obviously stick with that routine/intensity. If you don’t see gains you want to give the newbie routine at least three to six months before trying more advanced routines.

I am still classified as a newbie I made newbie gains and know my advanced routine is working. I got no gains from the newbie routine and many other things that I tried. People are different and will gain differently, I know with my routine I get these positive indicators that no other routine gave. Well I been trying for a long time, until recently I finally found what works for me, so actually I am not a newbie.

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Okey I understand, you explain really good, thanks for your advice! What do you meen with ” stay away with erect jelqs”? What should I do insteed of those jelqs?

Is all of this doable in the shower by the way? Warm upp, stretching , jelq ? The whole thing?

I Will read the whole newbie site to night and Then start document and begin My PE :)

Jelqs should be done around %60 to %80 erection. The more erect you are, the more likely a injury will occur when gripping/pressuring too hard. Now my routine is advanced and is not for newbies, but I do jelqs more erect/erect (%95+), being it’s more effective in getting penis gains from it for me.

You obviously still don’t know much, you do stretching exercises when flaccid. Jelqing also requires lube, also known as wet jelqs. Do not use soap or otherwise later your penis will have white colored dry peeling skin. Wet jelqs are safer than dry jelqs. I recommend starting off with wet jelqs and letting the lube dry all the way out before applying more lube.

Newbie gains can take weeks to months, they can slow down or stop as your penis conditions to them. Long term goals that are far fetched could take years to achieve.

You can do it in the shower, but I don’t recommend it because it would be a big waste of water. Hop in shower for warm up. Turn shower off and hop out and do your PE. Once your done with the PE, you can hop back into the shower and wash yourself and do another heat up and your done. A heat up can be one to five minutes, a shower to wash yourself can be five to twenty minutes.

Thanks man! I think I got all of this clear now, except what is kegel and how do I do that? Is it the PC muscle exercise ? And Why should I be doing that in My program, for the penis Heath or something?

That information is on the this site. Locating the bc muscle

A doctor named Kegel advised he’s female patients to exercise the bc and pc+ic muscles. It helps tighten the vaginal canal, rectum, and urethra especially after childbirth which can stretch these pelvic structures and cause urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse. Dr. Kegel showed that exercising the PC muscle could strengthen the female perineum and help cure the physical ailments as well as improve their sex lives.

For males, by exercising the bc and pc+ic muscles you can strengthen ejaculation (more shooting power that may yield better orgasms) and you can kegel to prevent ejaculation. Also when you kegel your penis fills with more blood which has it’s sexual uses and also can be used to make jelqing more effective. Your erections should be a little better too.


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