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New help

New help

Hey guys. I’ve tried just about everthing I could get my hands on as far as penis size
Currently I am 7” with 4.5” girth. I want to enhance girth moreso than length although being 8-9” wouldn’t hurt either.

Heres what I have unsuccessfully attempted thus far:
Jelq (got tired and hard to control the movement)
Penis pump (hurt and no effect other than temporary erection)
Horny goat weed (caused impotence rather than erection)

And heres what I have been suggested by friends:
B 12 vitamin
Arginine vitamin.

And I just ordered a gold penis extender/stretcher
It has the following specs:
Gold Penis Extender
Spring loaded Extender Device- 8cm
12 pieces Extension Rods for Penis size up to 10.5 inch, (25 cm)
2 Silicon ring
2 soft silicon penis protector Form tubes
Velvet carrying Bag
Instruction manual
Introductory Disc
Plain Box

With the following direcitons:
1. Place bottom circular plastic piece with male and female rods and attach into the penis.
2. After the bottom piece is fitted, attach top plastic piece with silicon ring to the end of the rods.
3. Extend silicon ring to the length that will fit around the head of the penis.
4. Pull silicon ring tightly around the head of the penis and lock the hosing into the bottom of the upper plastic piece.
5. When the device is securely placed onto the penis, adjust out the rods to receive the tension that is fit for you.
6. The tension placed by extending the rods out should give the penis a feeling of slight discomfort, but should not be painful.

And expects the following results:
2 weeks
0.4 (1cm)
0.2 (0.5cm)
1 month
0.8 (2cm)
0.4 (1cm)
2 months
1.2 (3cm)
0.8 (2cm)
3 months
1.6 (4cm)
1.2 (3cm)
6 month
2. Plus (5cm. Plus)
1.6. Plus (4cm . Plus)

Has anyone found a better method that is quicker or more effective? Any info on this particular method? I really don’t even care about rock hard erections if I can get anywhere from 6+ ” in girth and 7.5+” in length. I guess I’m asking how I can look like a pornstar which is kinda childish but it’s an obsession I havent been able to shake for quite some time. Hopefully there are others who have been successful on here who can help.

Part of the problem that has sparked this is I’m 18 and dealing with some form of impotence. At my prime (last year) I was able to reach around 7 3/4 ” erection. Lately it’s a miracle if I can even get 7”. I also have problems getting a complete erection-normally it’s just half way (like it looks and feels when you’re just getting warmed up) I even go soft in my girlfriend so maybe if I could get bigger where erection or not, I could please here, id be ok.

You really should try and get the hang of the jelq exercise. It will force extra blood into your penis improving circulation. Another thing that has helped many men is kegels. Simply put, it means flexing your PC muscle (the muscle you would use to stop peeing) over and over again. Doing that will increase blood flow to your penis. You can better yourself sexually but it is going to take commitment on your part like any body-building program. You mentioned wanting to get more girth. Well, jelq is your friend. Jelq is one of the best girth enhancing exercises there is. The results you want will not come easily but they will come with the right amount of effort and tenacity. I would suggest starting with the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine routine.

Hi Tkilla. You should investigate the cause of your ED, really. It could be a local problem, it could not be, so better speaking with a doc and doing some exams.

Things that affect erection: drugs, alcohol, some anti depressants, blood pressure medicines, anxiety.

An extender will not help that much with your issue. I think you should stick with a manual routine - expecially jelqs. Consistency and techniques are the keys. Something you say (f.e., that you felt hurt by the pump) suggest that you haven’t abided advised rules.


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