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New Heating Method


I never said that it’s simpler than the rice sock, it’s just better because it heats up the penis better. You take a narrow bag or some kind of plastic, not a shopping bag, of course that one would be too big. And you do it in the shower, so it doesn’t get anything messier than washing yourself. Of course the rice sock or towel is simpler, but it’s not as effective, so it’s really up to what someone would prefer, simple or effective.

I disagree with you. The sack of rice is perfect, and very effected. Maybe it didn’t suit you, but in general its very effective, specially with hanging and clamping. I’m not against your idea, its good to come with something new. But your method people could do it better with a pump cylinder, it will be way way way better, and not even 1% messy. So as long as most of you are new, and doesn’t have a pump. Then stick to a sack of rice, its the best solution until now. I use a sack of rice not socks of rice, it suit me 100%

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Why not just use warm running water? Of course there’s the risk that balls could get too warm, but I’ve never got any diseases or bad things. Over a 1 year of PE in the shower.

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I just use a heating pad now. I used to do the hot wrap but it’s so much easier this way.

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I think I’ll go with the wash cloth. ;)

Time for change :)

Over heating

How hot the water should be? My skin looks red after heating.

Originally Posted by gorgias1913
How hot the water should be? My skin looks red after heating.

Warm enough that you can feel it. If the skin is red, it is a sign that it is atleast heated well.

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Yeah I think I’m gonna stop using this method. There is one thing that has started to happen to me and I don’t think that better warm up is worth having problems with OVERSENSITIVITY. Basically, I don’t know HOW hot the water other people use with this method is, but when I did it, it was pretty hot. As soon as it touched my penis it would be quite pleasant and it would warm up my unit amazingly, however, with time I noticed that after using this method, my penis became much more sensible, as in, the arousal I felt during sex would often drive me to ejaculate prematurely. I reckon it’s because of how the heat has effected the nerve ends and has lead them to be much more easily stimulated.

I don’t think any heating method is, as effective as it might be, is worth giving up the mere joy of stressless sex, so I abandoned this method and am going back to the good old’ warm towel.

Did anyone else experience something similar?

I used to mess around with various warmups…

The best solution was to start the PE workout with a 5 minute light warm water vacuum tube session.


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