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New Guy But Been Pumping For Years

New Guy But Been Pumping For Years

I been pumping for quite sometime but no perma gains.

My routine
I pump one day a week Friday
I do any where from 45 minutes to 60 minutes at a 5hg. I learned in the past the my penis would go limp with anything higher. 7, 8, 9 10hg

I do 5 minutes on 5hg then 1hg for 30 seconds rinse and repeat. I can pack a 2.00, 2.25 cylinder.

The reason I pump only once a week on a Friday because I think I could be wrong I think your penis won’t get as fat or big if I did 3 times a week. I’m thinking along the lines pump once because the 2nd 3rd time it won’t get as big. True or false?

Also I would like to add in some jelq in the shower how many set and reps do you think I should do? I don’t really do any warm up do you think it would help if I did 50reps for jelq before pumping. I also have a heating pad which I don’t use.

Sometimes my penis is super fat when I pump and other days when I pump not so fat. Do you have any tips what do you think I should do. BTW I work from home behind a PC all day so lemme hear it boys I can pump all day if that’s what you suggest. I guess what I’m looking for is some more tips some way to improve and walk around with that monster all day =)

Thank you

Harbor freight pump
Thickwall cylinders
Vacu tech pump - don’t use

What is your length and girth goals?

What are your current stats now?

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I pump at least five days a week for twenty minutes at 5 hg and one day for one hour at 4 hg and I continue to gain girth even after five years.

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Yes, your penis will get just as big as many times as you pump. Split up your time into even sessions. Get out the heating pad, you’ll be surprised the difference it will make.

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Hey Louie,

I suggest you start doing a lot of reading here at Thunders. IMO, there seems to be a few things that need to be improved in your Routine.

Have a look at the Linear and Newbie Routines, and try and incorporate them into your Routine of pumping.

One day a week is not enough to see gains… there’s lots of good threads on pumping Routines here at Thunders… so read, read, read!!!

Heat is critical… at minimum warm up before starting.

Good luck ;)

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