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New guy

New guy

Hey guys, glad to be part of this forum. To start of, tommorrow I will be starting my newbie routine, and I would like to ask 2 questions. Is there an exersize to increase stamina in the bedroom?

Lastly My current size before PE is:

Length: 6.25 in
Girth: 6.00 in

What is a realistic goal to shoot for in about 6 months? I’m thinking hoping for 7, but what do I know.

Welcome to Thunders Ellinkikos.

7 inches in 6 months is definately doable. You have a great girth to start out too.

Kegels are good for stamina. Do lots of them, like 100+ for a few weeks. (Doing too much might have some effect on your EQ though, I think)

Good luck.

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I’m really new to PE, so sorry if this might be a dumb question, but what is EQ?

Erection quality.

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