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New guy

New guy

Hey all. I feel slightly out of place here, as I see more “reasonable” cases for you guys taking on PE. Such as correcting appearance, gaining enough to get to average size.

I however, joined to improve on what I was given. Currently I have 8 inch BPL and 5.5 EG. My goal is to see how much length gain I can attain in a year, and increase my girth to 6 inches, but not increase the size of my glans somehow.

The explaination for this, is that my girl is away for almost a year. It’s currently a long-distance type thing, but to make it a long story short, she’s making this time to say goodbye to her old home before marrying me. It’s a sad thing, but alas, interracial relationships are never easy.

So in the meantime as I go through this tough bit of life ahead of us, I want to “reward” her with a “better” me. I’ve started PE’ing a month ago, combined with keeping my body in shape- sculpting it to something she would die for. As for my member, she was enamored by it’s size already, but I suppose another inch would serve alot more- she’s a cul-de-sac easy orgasm kind of girl, and if I can get enough length to spoon into her on a nightly basis.well you get the idea. She couldn’t get enough of me before she left, so why not a little more?

So, um, yeah- here I am.

Hello, and good luck. Just start with the newbie routine and do it 2-3 months. After that you’re dick will be a bit use to the techniques and the routine so you can go on much more work-outs.

Might not want to make more than she can chew - your starting stats are great, I’d advise you not to go for more unless that’s what she wants, but if you continue anyway, I wish you the best of luck.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


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