new guy with ?s

I am new to pe, been doing it for alittle over a month. Ive gained about 1/4 inch bpel to arrive at my current size of 6.6 or so. How does “growers” and “showers” have to do with pe. Like do growers have a greater chance of gaining or showers or is there no correlation. I seem to be stuck as a grower being just 3.5 in the flaccid hang seeing no gain thus far. Here is my current routine.

20 minz of manual stretching
I do mostly do v streches as well as ordinary jai style but holding for 2 minz only 1 or 2 sets.

10 minz Jelq
2 sets up 40 reps each hand
2 sets out 40 reps each hand


I do this every other day to be safe.

I was wondering to continue length gains does one neeed to increase the time of the strech slowly or is the physical act of the strech enough to stimulate even if u do the same time each session. Also when you “desensitize” do u need to stop both jelq and stretching or just jelq. Id like to get to about 7.5 inch bpel and 5.5 around (i am alittle over 5 now). I take a multi vit and mineral as well as whey protein and I am in very good shape with about 12 percent bodyfat. Any advice I would appreciate.