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New guy with a some not-so-new questions

New guy with a some not-so-new questions

Greetings All,

I’ve been skirting around various PE sites for a while now and decided to join this forum and I have to say, it’s great to be with people who have the same goal.

The last couple of months I’ve been going through a few routines - jelqing and manual stretching - to no avail other than a gaining a tremendously strong grip and much bigger arms (!) so although I do carry slight skepticism in coming here, I sure as hell want this to work!

I have a couple of “dumb” questions that have been bugging me for a while and I’m hoping some of you may be able to clear a few things up for me..

1)Does jelqing alone lead to flaccid length / width increase or erect length / width increase or both?

2) Similarly, will manual stretching alone lead to length and width gains in the flaccid state? Erect increase are fantastic, but if you’re a grower and not a shower like me, flaccid length is important.especially if you spend all summer on a nudist beach like me and have to scurry out of the cold water with a prune sized penis!

3)How hard does one grip when jelqing? I’ve kind of worked out the technique but I’m not sure if I should be gripping myself super -tight like I’m trying to squeeze the life out of a snake, or do I proceed with a less forceful grip?

4) The last one.I promise!when manual stretching, how hard does one pull? Sometimes I pull (what I think) is very hard but I get worried something’s going to snap in there. And yet I saw report on TV recently of some men’s society in Asia that does this wacky thing with their dicks and weights. They hang huge weights from themselves, one guy had another guy in a cradle and lifted him up and yet another fellow actually pulled a car with a rope around his dick. It made my eyes water but I think about this when I’m stretching and think maybe I’m paranoid (?) Anyway the follow up question to this is is it better to hold a stretch as long as possible (3 - 5 minutes) or for a shorter time?

I do have other silly questions but they will have to wait for the next edition.

Once again, great to make contact with you all.


Welcome, Shintaro

1) From personal experience I’d say increase in flaccid and erect states, but mostly in erect.

2) Same as above. I’d go with wrapping or Ace elbow strap (search button!) for flaccid growth.

3) If you get little red dots on your shaft after a session, you’re gripping a bit too hard. I go to the point where the glans gets “shiny” and then some - not painless but not painful. On the other hand, there could be reason to believe that lower pressures allow the girtwise structure of the tunica to expand more vis-a-vis the lenghtwise structure.

4) If you read “mementos momentous rapid gain” thread you’ll find some good advice on “leaning into” the stretch and on duration of stretch. I’d say as long as you can keep a good grip - but not longer than 20 minutes.

Oh, and about the next edition of questions - read, read the associated posts noted at the bottom of the page and use the search button frequently. Most everything has been discussed already.

regards, mgus

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Many thanks Mgus. Yes I’ve noticed red spots so will reduce my “strength.

And yes, there’s a ton of stuff to read here and although I’m time poor, will follow those things you mentioned.


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