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New guy wants advice

New guy wants advice

I finally decided to post on this forum, since I am reading all posts and threads for 2 weeks now.
The reason I am here are my stats 5BPELx4.8EG. I read the newbie section and this is what I started to do:

5mins warm up
manual stretches 5x30 secs, up and down, left and right
warm up
200-250 dry jelqs
3 days on 1 off

I am looking for 2 inches in lenght and I’ll put enough time and effort to achieve this goal. I also have a question regarding my jerk-off method, I jerk off since I was 12 but not the regular way - shaking the whole dick, instead of this I shaked with my fingers only the head ( I am uncircumsiced). I do this because I find it more pleasureable and fun, and resently I started to wonder if this is the reason that I am smal - just 5bpel? I am 19 years old now. What do you all guys think?
Every input is appreciated

I really doubt if your jerkoff method has anything to do with your size. Your routine sounds good though. I hope you get the results you’re looking for. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to get those two inches you are looking for so keep at it.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.


It doesn’t matter how you have been jerking off. It hasn’t affected your size.

I would double or triple your stretch time, or stretch a couple times a day. Other then that, stick with where you are for a couple more weeks, then think about making some modifications based on your progress and other exercises that interest you.

Build yourself the “Capn’s Wench” off this website, and use it for manual stretching. That is what I use. When you stretch, you want to do it for about 10 minutes in the morning, and 15 mins in the early evening.

Welcome abt,

Every guy who believes their unit is small wonders why. The truth is, no-one knows why it is small, but you are in luck, many people around this place know how to make it bigger.

Two inches is possible, but don’t get frustrated if you don’t make it within a certain time frame. Every penis is different and they grow at different rates.

IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Thanks for the fast input, guys! :) What is reasonable time frame to achieve my goal?

It depends but if you are looking for 2 inches then I would say anywhere between 18 to 36 months.

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