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New guy, needs help.

New guy, needs help.

Ok, I dont know any exercises, routines, schedules etc…. If someone could give me detailed instructions on how to do this when etc… that would be great. Thanks a lot, I look forward to sticking around this forum and learning and hopefully helping others. Thanks.

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Hey NeverEnough,

I thought at first an old friend had stopped by. There used to be a guy on the BP Forum with the same nickname.

Anyway, read the NEW MEMBER INSTRUCTIONS in the main forum, then check the link in the FAQ Forum for a site that has a lot of information for Newbies. Do some reading and get familiar with the exercises and terms. If you have questions, post them, or better yet, try to find the answers yourself, that way what you find will sink in.

Good luck !!

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thanks, do you have links or anything you could send me way with this information aside from what is in the main forum and faq on this site?

The best, is not enough.


FAQ’s really are essential reading - if you don’t read those first you won’t know what any of the links are about.


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Hi Never,

welcome aboard.

As Lil12big1 said, reading the FAQ’s is necessary. But, patience and dilligence are even more important once you’ve started those exercises. Read & educate yourself, because there is a minimal risk of injury involved if the exercises are done wrong. So the more info you can get your hands on before you start, the better. Good luck and keep us posted.

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