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New guy here.

New guy here.

Hello gentlemen, I’m new here but not new to the idea of PE. I have pondered it for years went back and forth on the idea. My NBEL is 5 1/4-5in (Depending on arousal level) Erect girth is 4 1/4. Ill have been a skeptic but I figure what the hell why not its free. Anyways my goals aren’t tremendous just .5 in length and same girth. Ill be doing the linear routine 3 days a week Mon,Tues,Fri. What do you guys think? Also I do have a slight curve, should I jelq the other way?

I believe you will definitely benefit from it not only from gaining size but with overall health and erection quality. Enjoy and best of luck!

Start 6.75X4.9

Now 7.5X5.1

P.S. I’m also very active lifting weights ect, I do take supplements. Something that I know many PE people take is L-Arginine and citrulline. I take these not for erections but a better pump while lifting. I take 4g Arginine before lifting and 4g before bed, I take 1-2 tsp citrulline in the morning 3 times a day on non-lifting days. Lifting days I take 1/2 tsp in morning 30 minutes 5g before lifting and 1/2 tsp after.

Hi Panzer and welcome!

I think your workout is good. In addition, jelquing the opposite of the curve could possibly help. We are here to help. :)

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Welcome to the forum.

3 times per week looks good.

Penis curvature won’t matter, because jelqing isn’t supposed to be executed with a erect penis. Make sure to stroke dead-straight.


Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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Mine use to bend to the left a bit. I just stretched it out to the right a few seconds longer than to the left (manual stretches) and jelqed straight forward and it is good and straight today. Hope it helps.

Good luck.

Its the beginning of a new chapter. New things are scary, but not always bad.

Wow! That’s a lot of arginine! I take 500 mg.

Good luck on your journey.

4/16 BPEL 7.2 MSEG 6.0

1/17 BPEL 7.75 MSEG ~6.2 BEG 6.75

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@BigBootyFan, no thats not alot. Actually, thats not even close to enough.

If you look around online, you will find 2 different protocols regarding L-Arginine intake.
The day time and the night time protocol.
The more beneficial one seems to be the night-time protocol.
The gist of it:
- on empty stomach - no eating for 4 hours before intake
- take it right before going to sleep
- aim to take about 6.000 - 10.000mg (or rather 6 - 10 g xD)

As you said, you take 4g in the morning, 4g before bed. Dunno whether 4g before bed is stimulating enough for growth. Perhaps you know better about supplements, I’m just repeating what I have read!

Right now, I am using the night time protocol (for extra growth) and I am taking 2x 4400 mg capsules right before bed.

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Now: 8.11 BPEL | 7.24 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

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