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New guy here

New guy here

Hey everyone. I’m new here and to all of this. I have looked at this kind of stuff before and it really intrested me. I’m certainly not the biggest and certainly not the smallest. Always room for improvement right? I’m 20 years old,185lbs pretty solid build, and I’m 5’9”. I have a pregnant girlfriend and I know after she has the kid she would like a little extra. I’ve never tried anything for enlargement. I would prefer to do it more of a natural way like your site provides rather then the pills and other ways. If any one has some real good exercises to do feel free to help me on the path. I’m not to sure what would be best for starting and how long.

Hello hardinthepaint and welcome to Thunder’s Place! :D

First, let me congratulate you and your girlfriend on your upcoming baby! :D

The methods discussed here are natural, and safe if you follow the instructions and train without overt-raining. Learn to listen to your body and look for clues.

The Penis Enlargement Basics forum has the information you need to get started.

The NEWBIE ROUTINE is all you need to do to start conditioning your penis, and make gains. Basic stretching and Jelqing are good exercises to start with.

Take a look at the Penis Enlargement FAQ and Glossary and the Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Read as much as you can, and ask questions when you have any, PE is a long term process, so be patient, persistent and consistent, and the gains will come.

Your Physiologic Indicators (PIs) will help you know if you are on the right track.

Take it easy on your penis, and start slowly.

I recommend taking measurements before you start PE, and keep a log in the Progress Reports section, it will help you stay motivated, and will also give other members and vets the chance to offer advice.

Good luck on your PE journey.

Thank you! I appreciate it. Very helpful. Doesn’t seem to difficult. When should I start modifying it and adding to it. Second, what is recommended to add to it really.

You are welcome, and thanks. :)

It is not very likely that you will need to modify the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine, at least for the first few months.

And if it is working for you, there is no need to change it, some members keep following it for a very long time.

After you stop seeing gains (after the conditioning period is over), you can of course look into other exercises to add, or into tweaking it.

The Linear Newbie Routine is also a good alternative to start with.

You will know if your penis is ready for more or not by paying attention to your PIs.

After your penis is conditioned, you can try increasing duration or intensity, of your exercises, in small increments, to see how your penis responds to the workload increase.

You may be surprised by the gains you can achieve from the basic exercises.


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