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New Guy here

New Guy here

Hey everyone, just joined today, as everyone here I hope to see gains and I wish the best of luck to all.

A little about me.I’m 19 but I look 17, apparently. Puberty wise, I’ve always been behind about two years from guys my age so maybe this can help. I decided a little while back that this would be the summer I got in overall shape; I will work out, quit smoking and hopefully enlarge penis. I am pretty average at just a bit above 6” (nbp) and 5” girth.

Either way, I have a certain goal that I’d like to achieve and it may surprise you. I’ve read several posts here and on other sites and it seems many guys would like to get as big as they possibly can. Most have the “ideal” size of at least 8”x6”. I don’t want to go that far. I truly feel that the “ideal” size, for me at least, is maybe above 7” but no more than 8. I feel this because from my experiences, when it comes to sex, there’s two kinds of girls—there’s the wild ones who love to get fucked hard and heavy like there’s no tomorrow—and the more feminine type who doesn’t want to be ravaged. The first type of girl seems like “the bigger the better” type, while the latter not so much (which doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to feel anything, she just doesn’t want to be torn apart).

I’m told that I’m a very passionate lover and “extremely suave” (their words, not mine!), I’d like to stay this way. I’d also like to start catering to the more aggressive girls, however. I feel having a significantly larger than average cock would impair me from remaining “suave” to these more delicate girls, as many of them CANNOT comfortably take anything over 8”. This why the 7” range, which is somewhat above average, would be great for them. Also at the same time, a 7” range is very acceptable and satisfying to the more aggressive girls. In my opinion, it’s a good balance which is why I think something like 7.5”x5.5” would be a true “ideal size”, for me at least.

Another comparison could be by height. Most girls, no matter what their height is, claim they like tall guys. Any guy above 6’ is considered tall. Some girls are shorter and some girls are taller, so they all have their own “ideal” range for height in a guy. A girl who’s 5’2 may prefer a guy to not be TOO tall, as he may dwarf her, while a girl who’s 5’9 may prefer a guy who’s significantly tall to not make her feel so tall. The 5’2 girl may find a guy who’s 6’0 “ideal” while the 5’9 girl may find a guy who’s 6’4 “ideal”—but I’m sure both would settle and be very satisfied with a 6’2 man.

So, by now you all know what my goal is. Let’s hope this works! I have faith that it does, although I’m trying to not keep my hopes up too much. I feel my overall exercise and good dieting may help me out a bit as well (maybe the protein for building up) so I’m very excited for how I’ll look and feel by the end of the summer.

Best of luck to everyone and see you around the forums

About the height thing…

There is this ~28 year old Romanian woman who hosts some TV show about cars.

She`s beautiful I might say and she`s 6.7 feet tall, yeah 6.7 I shit you not. She had guys shorter than her invited to the show all the time. Nothing ever really did stand out on how she acted or talked to them.

One time she had this k1 fighter romanian dude invited, about ~6,8 feet tall guy, kinda big guy, close to her age, and she was drooling all over him, I mean she was like a silly 14 year old chick who was trying to hit on the guy, or to impress him or something. It was so lame… Or maybe I was just jealous or something, haha.

Good luck with your goal! Also, should be noted that there has been a study conducted in the United States to determine what girls look for in height of partner (if you Google it I’m sure you could find it, I think it was done by Princeton if I remember correctly). Results went against your thoughts on height as it showed that small girls tend to go with very tall guys, while tall girls went for shorter guys. It was believed that this was sub-consciously done in an attempt to produce a more “normal” offspring. In other words the 5’10” girl would actually be the one going for the 6’0” guy, while the 5’4” girl would actually go for the 6’4” guy. Obviously this is not a blanket statement, however I remember them finding more then enough statistical evidence to show that there was definitely something going on. Good luck again!

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Good luck man. I like your idea on the ideal size, it makes a lot of sense. I just might consider changing my goals. Ohh and welcome to Thunders.

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Hi NexS88 and welcome to thunder’s Place.

You know, you have said something about the “ideal size” that makes a lot of sense. Of course, I am still a long way from the “ideal size”, but it is something for me to think about. I just may reconsider my goals, as was previously mentioned by aom91.

I was talking with an old girl friend the other night (we have always been very open minded and no subject was taboo between us) and she said almost the same thing. So, maybe there is something in it that men should consider. Of course all women are not alike and I am sure some would want, or need and demand, more. I think you have a good healthy attitude.

When yo have the time, complete your PE Statistics, it’s easy. Click on “quick links” at the top, then on “PE Statistics” and complete. It will be good for you to keep a record of your progress and gains, and others will be able to follow it too.

Good luck and Good PEing.

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Welcome and good luck NexS.

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