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New guy here. Need some advice.

New guy here. Need some advice.

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and kind of new new to PE. I am in a dilemma of sorts with my routine and would like some helpful advice. Any and all who would like to offer their wisdom are certainly welcome. Now this is my first thread and I will try to make this as succinct and brief as I can.
I mentioned I was “kind of new to PE” because a while back I became interested in it for what some might be considered an odd reason. I had actually come across another website like Thunder’s Place which had info about restoring foreskins along side PE. At the time It was just “oh neat, ok moving on” kind of reaction on my part.
Later while studying in University I became more interested when searching on Pub Med and having come across the traction studies done at University of Turin. They used the Andro Penis device by Andro Medical and saw 1” gain in length over a 6 month period when used 4 hours daily by the subjects. Now, as a scientist it caught my attention, more so, it gave validity to what I was finding on the internet through sites such at this one.

Ok so enough about that. I started PE using what I guess some might call a hybrid of two devices. It was a tension device attached to my leg that pulled on a harness wrapped around my member. This first device didn’t work out so awesome, left a lot to be desired for. Second device was from a company on Etsy which was a true weight hanger, again something to be desired for; mainly the ability to lay down and still have the device be active. I finally put together a device from another product from that same company, in conjunction with the silicone sleeve for the shaft or glans that came wight the hanger, I am pretty satisfied with it thus far.
*Dates for first device were August 2014 to end of September 2014. Hanger was used in the first half of December 2014. In the second half of December I made the Mutt device and still to this day.

Only recently I have been incorporating manual exercises into my routine, with traction for at least 4 hours a day. Now this is what I have put together looking at posts like UliStretches, 30 Day Girth/Lenth/ EQ routine, and the Newbie set:

1. Stretches; 15 no lube, 5 Straight Down/ 5 Down Left/ 5 Down Right just first thing when you wake up. 10 seconds duration each stretch.
2. Lubricate with edible warming massage oil. Complete 200 wet jelqs. *That is to say 1 jelq from each hand = 1 jelq
3. 10 Uli Stretches exercises from midway on shaft; very firm overhand “ok” grip at mid shaft, push grip up towards head until glans fully engorged beyond normal, HOLD for 5 seconds, move grip to starting position, repeat X 5.
4. 10 Uli Stretches from very base of member, the rest follow step 3.
5. After returning from work (or as soon as free in afternoon) Take warm shower, begin traction until 2100. For at least 4 hours, up to 9 hours.

*Side note: I have only done #4 Uli stretch. It has taken me some time to get the exercises down.

My starting length I am pretty sure was 5 3/4” NBPEL with a 5.5” EG and that was a ways back when I first started reading forums a few years ago. Before I started I didn’t really measure, just thinking none of this would work and that it was kinda fake. I know my current BPEL is 6 1/2”, but what gets me is that the Girth increased at some point; probably should have paid more attention to that, and is now 5 3/4” EG. I am kind of amazed, it definitely feels thicker and looks thicker. I only noticed when starting the jelqing routine and got hard; my forefinger and thumb no longer could reach around and connect, Imagine my surprise.
So, my question is if anyone sees any flaws in my routine or has any experience for faster girth / length gaining exercises. I feel that my length really isn’t moving along, guess I will know in a few more months after measuring, consistently this time. Any and all words of Wisdom are appreciated.



Wow really sorry for how long this has gotten, hope it really isn’t a bother for everyone.

Welcome to the club Dante1989,

My first reaction is that this routine may be a bit too much. Especially factoring in the extender. Of course, some guys respond well to a very rigorous routine, but a lot don’t. I’d suggest maybe cutting out the ulis and just doing the jelqing and stretching for a while. Part of the reason is getting conditioned properly, and part because some guys have seemed to start really aggressively and ended up toughening up their penises to the point that they have a very hard time gaining.

:_pump: :donatecar

clgp makes some good points. From your post though you seem to have researched thoroughly, so there will be a tendency to ignore clgp’s advice. That being the case, monitor your EQ carefully and think of it as a good signal for reaching or exceeding sensible limits. One of the most annoying things in PE is the period of time you have to take off recovering from injury.

I would add that if you think you are ready for Ulis, maybe mix them in with the jelqing: that way the jelqing is working on the extra expansion caused by the Ulis. Also, are you attempting to gain a baseball bat shape by doing the Ulis half way up for 10 sets?

We like long posts here: detail helps.

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Wow thanks for the fast response and words of wisdom,

Ok I was kind of thinking along those lines Memento and clgp7. I had honestly just added the Ulis. I decided on doing 10 sets because I honestly couldn’t find all that much info on them other than they were great to work on Girth gains. This previous Thursday and Friday were the first two days where I completed a set of 10 after Jelqing. So just the stretches and Jelqing in the morning it is, followed by the traction later in the afternoon. When do you think it is a good time to work into the Ulis, or whatever exercise you would recommend.

Thanks again!


Maybe think of adding them back in after the first 2-3 months, if you find you need something to aid gains. It can easily take 3 months to learn to jelq effectively.

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Ok that was a question that nagging in the back of my head *whether or not I am jelqing correctly or not*. I guess that will come with time, and comparing what I am doing to the instructional videos on this site. I always try to look at them before and after I begin. Is the 200 jelqs too much do you think though? I was wondering if I was overkill on that front as well.

Definitely glad I posted now.

There can’t be a fixed number, you have to find it out by yourself. The most important thing at this stage is learning the technique (I know I sound like a drunk coach now). You should move the blood in your penis and make it fuller stroke after stroke.

I don’t understand : you are doing the manual routine and a hanging routine together? If so how many hours per day, which weight. I think your routine is low on stretches.

Extender, not hanging. Drunk coach? That’s a new one on me. Is it someone who teaches you techniques for holding a glass without spilling when inebriated?

Marinera’s advice is good. Start low build up as quickly as you think seems right. The Newbie Routine provides a good pattern but it’s not the correct speed for some.

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Cool and noted.

Honestly I had felt after doing the extender routine for a month + I wasn’t going as much as I could. Again I only added the stretching and jelqs fairly recently due to “Warming up to them”. I takes me a while to incorporate a new exercise or technique due to the learning curve, proper technique, time incorporation, Ext ext…
As far as the Traction goes, the more the better. Outside of the study done at University of Turin’s urological group two others are published and the abstracts available on PubMed; I think they were all published in British Journal of Urology or British Journal of Sex and Gender? Not sure on that. The other two studies showed that as traction was practiced for longer duration, the time to reach 1” gains was shortened. One study showed that 9 hours daily every day for a month yielded approximately 1” gains average for the study subjects. Two big questions I have on that are “what force was used for all studies”, depending on the force applied time duration could be completely different.

Enough of me rambling. I will try and measure the force I am consistently applying with my tension device and post it here. Otherwise, I am doing the stretches, Jelqs, and my usual traction routine with no changes to the latter.

I really appreciate the helpful wisdom. Sometimes even if you know something, having someone else who is knowledgeable SAY what you are thinking makes you realize what you need to do. Or you continue to be a stubborn turd… I really don’t want to be a turd.

Thanks again,


Most of those studies are questionable. The 1” gain refers to flaccid length. It is unlikey to gain 1” EL in 6 months (correctly measured), whatever techinque you will make use of. Most of people will need 2 years of consistent work to see a 1” EL gain, IMHO.

I agree Marinera,

I was only partially skeptical though. I think they had in there that they measured stretched length and that it gained about 0.6” average at the end of the trial. Where the other study done by these nice people; (Nikoobakht M1, Shahnazari A, Rezaeidanesh M, Mehrsai A, Pourmand G.) had different results *still good ones*, including a Glans girth increase. They even admit that was not expected and should be reevaluated in future studies.

Basically what I took away from it all was; A) traction works, to what degree and with what parameters *shrug* not very clear yet. B) try different things, once you find what works, stick to it and move forward. C) join the forum and ask the people who actually do it and have opinions and experience that will help.

I definitely thank you for your expertise Marinera, and am glad all of you decided to share. I just kind of included those studies as side info honestly. Though, they were what really got me started with PE I suppose. Honestly don’t remember much about the Turin study other than what I had stated; has been a while since I had access to the fully translated copy. The other studies came out after I graduated and therefore I don’t have the all powerful FREE access to the full articles.

So with my modified routine, should I keep posting as time goes by? Results and what not?

Definitely. People with a progress report seem to do better. Taking pics ad accurate measurements will be helpful also.

If your girth is growing slower than length, I would cut the ULI’s. I would also jelq only every other day for a while, see if length moves. I do believe that for some people girth work slowers length gains. You are over average in both length and girth though, so I suppose is just n aesthetical issue; personally I would keep in mind that every gain is a bless. It is amazing just to be aware that you can change the size of your penis with not but work.

Status update

Ok so been a while since I originally posted.

Due to LIFE I had to completely stop the mourning portion of the routine *stretching/ jelq*. Even though I had toned it down to an every other day schedule, it had to be ditched due to work changes.

The traction continued as usual, this month of March has been especially hectic, however I do find the time to keep the traction going. I remeasured early in the month and seem to have 6.23” NBPEL @ 90-95* 7.5” BPEL @ 90-95* .
A note not he Degrees of angle. My erection points up… I know the shape and curve and all that is different for everyone, but I find that bending it down until the member is approximately 90 degrees with the body makes a more repeatable measurement. It is listed as 90-95 degrees because it is approximate. I am not using a protractor.

I do plan on picking up the mourning routine again by gradually easing into it, but need to wait on a few things to occur for that to become feasible in long term consistency. I do seem to be gaining length, and can always change out the traction routine for a girth routine when the time comes.

For now I guess that is all.



So I am guessing another update is in order,

I actually had put on some weight since my previous post, and possibly a lot since starting this thread. My NBPEL is about 6.25” where my BPEL is 7.25” . I measured and remeasured to make sure of this and believe that it is correct. I think I have actually gained some girth, I was into pumping for a while easing into it and staying pretty steady with some good time on it. I am still sticking with the traction and will get way more aggressive with that and a manual jelq routine later in the month.

So my question to any member who read this thread is what routine has given you the most results in the shortest amount of time? I am looking for a routine that isn’t too invasive toward my life, but is effective and produces good results. Open to length routines and Girth routines, or combo routines. My goal is to gain length, then to gain girth.

Thanks to all who read and those who comment.


Hey again,

So here is a question to all members. I have been using this traction device, as mentioned before in my post, and have one common problem no matter how I use it. Over time, I wear out the silicone sleeve tubes that act as a cushion for the strap..

Does anyone have any good resources for a medical grade silicone tubing that stretches and is fairly cheap? Ever If I have to buy 4 feet of it would make sense if I can just keep cutting another 1.5 inch portion off to use every few months.

Another question:

Based on my modified routine and taking it slow with the jelqing and doing longer traction sessions, which is essentially stretching for prolonged periods, are there any PE routines that are massive result gainers which I could step into now? Looking for both girth and length, but will settle for one at a time. Which is the best to do first? Was thinking length then get more in to girth later?

Any way, what are your thoughts on this?




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