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New Guy Here, just a few routine questions

New Guy Here, just a few routine questions

Hey everyone, I’m new. I’m 19 years old and my penis is around 6” in length and I think 5” around. I measured that before I started PEing and about two weeks into it I got to 6.5” in length.. I measured again a couple days later and got 6.25” and then got discouraged and now I’m back at 6”

So a month later I’m trying again. I just want to make sure my routine is alright. I live at home with four other people so it’s hard to PE for me without someone knocking on my door and asking what the hell am I doing. But basically I go in the shower and do most of my workout there and then finish up in my bedroom.

Here’s what I try to do, and I know I should warm up first.. But yeah I think my mom would wonder why I have a hot wet towel..


1) I do “obends” which I found on this forum. One set with 30 second reps dividing my penis into 3 parts and each part getting bent up down left and right.
2) Jump in the shower and start soaping/shampooing while letting the hot water fall solely on my penis.
3) Rinse while stretching. I usually just pull straight out for 1 minute then pull straight down for 1 minute, then side to side 30 seconds each.
4) I jelq for 100-200 3-4 second reps. I start off with the standard OK grip pulling with one hand until it’s at the end and placing the other hand behind it and then pulling from there, but after a while I started holding down the base with my left hand (so no blood comes out) and pulling the blood to the head with just my right hand. After a while I switch hands and pull with my left hand. I don’t know if this is bad or good or what exactly I’m doing but it doesn’t hurt, and I haven’t seen any bad signs with my penis afterwards so.. Some info on this would be great.
5) Get out of the shower as quickly as possible and head to my room where I do my stretches again followed by putting on some warm layered clothes as a “warm down” I know I know.. I should probably change that..

And I do this one day on one day off. I know it’s different for everyone but I just want to know if I’m headed in the right direction.

Doesn’t sound bad, the most important thing is that you do Something. I say, continue with it if you think it works, switch it up if you think it doesn’t.

Your routine doesn’t look bad. When you cut off blood with one hand and jelq with the other that is called a jelq squeeze.

May I suggest you to do your obend (though it’s not recommended for newbie) in the hot shower.The heat will make the tissue (tunicae I think) more pliable, and so with obend in the shower, you may make the tissue even more pliable that will be good for your stretch and jelq routine.

Hmm.. It’s gonna be hard. I did this exact routine and my sister still came over and knocked on the bathroom door asking if I fell or something.. It’s going to be much harder to add obends in the shower.

I’m going to take advantage of home alone time more often for this kind of thing it seems.

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