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New guy here. Have some questions.

New guy here. Have some questions.

I’ve lurked on and off on these forums for a while now. I finally decided I want a bigger dick. I will be using the linear routine to start out and see how it goes after several weeks. Just a few questions..

1. After I am done jelqing is it productive to just finish jerking off after ?

2. It’s it ok do as many kegels as you can as often as you can? Say just sitting around at work ?

3. I am not worried about length as much as girth but I see some guys on here with some really involved regimens, would just like to do clamping(after getting used to the exercises) , jelqing and kegels - would that be enough?

4. How long should I wait before I start clamping ?

Welcome, uline. We’ve got a great search function that can be used to answer all of your questions. Here are a couple of threads to get you started:
WestLA-90069 - The “Does Sex/Masturbation Hinder Gains” Debate
CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

I would start at a lower level and build up for a kegel routine. Some members have reported short term premature ejaculation after over-doing kegel exercises, but that’s not the case with everybody. You can do them where ever you want.

Good luck with your new hobby.

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