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New guy, hello Thunders

New guy, hello Thunders

Hello! I’ve been browsing Thunder’s for some weeks now, so I thought it would be good time to pop in and say hi. I’ve been doing following routine for 2 weeks now:

2-3 days on 1 off
Warm up in hot shower 5-10min
Stretching 5min
Wet-jelqing 100-150 x 3 sec
3 x 5 min of pumping (But the handle of the pump broke up yesterday so I decided to leave the pumping out since I feel it might not be so necessary at this state of PE and that was actually my second handle already!)
‘Cool down’ in hot shower 5-10min
(Random daily kegeling)

My measurements are BPEL 7” (18cm) EG 5.1” (13cm) and goal in 9 months is 8x6.
My plan is to continue with this newbie routine at least 2-3 weeks now, and then maybe add some horse440’s and after 3 months of PE I might try clamping (if ships to Europe).

Nice to be here, I’ve learned a lot from you guys in these few weeks already!


Your goal is reasonable, but as a warning, don’t get frustrated if your penis has other plans. No one can predetermine when they will hit their goal; its up to your tissue makeup, your dedication and persistence and whether or not you get anxious and hurt yourself. Continue reading, check out my favorites and read up on PI’s and all sorts of good stuff.

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Sounds like a recipe for injury to me.

What kind of pump do you have and how did you break the handle?


Hey rRngo.

Before shipping cable clamps over from the US, I’d do a search to see if there’s an alternative in your home country.

I am in Australia, and didn’t think we had them here, then was directed to a local store that sells them (cheaper than the US too it seems).

Starting stats, mid december 06: FL- 10.5cm, BPFL- 12cm, EL - 15cm, BPEL- 16.5cm, EBG- 14cm

June 5th, 2008; BPEL - 19cm (7.5") , mid shaft girth - 14 (5.5")cm

Goal: BPFL - 15cm, BPEL - 21cm, EG- 16cm

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Sounds like a recipe for injury to me.

What kind of pump do you have and how did you break the handle?


What part I should let out or do less or do later on?
Actually the handle just let a “crack” sound and it won’t pump air out of the cylinder anymore.

Thanks in advance.


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