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New guy, 5.75 what should I expect


We can’t all be running with scissors…

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

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There are many good men here. mgus is one of our sanest and wisest.

Now isn’t that a scary thought.

Scary indeed. If my wife read that, she wouldn’t hold Thunder’s in very high regard… :)

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains

What do you guys think about getting a pump to use w jelqin?? I mean, parallel exercise, not at the same time. Any pump experience?? Or should I forget about a pump?

Pumps do not work that great, some people think that they work but I don’t think so, when you pump your dick it looks bigger but it’s only temporarily from when you take it out of the cylinder but it’s the same thing as when you jelq and after it looks bigger.


I’d skip the pump and keep it simple at first.

Ulcaster, what is your experience here?? If there is one?? Are you working it out??

I am starting the newbie workout this week, Monday.

Originally Posted by Vikinggg

Ulcaster, what is your experience here?? If there is one?? Are you working it out??

Experience with what, PE? - I’ve done just about everything.

I’m on a very simple PE routine now . I have a pump also, but use it briefly once per day.


You guys sound like the warhorses in the gym. Been there and done that. I’m taking your advice and hopefully not waste time racing no where like that rabbit against the turtle. Thanks for the advice. Will provide stats when my buddy settles down after that first couple of PE workouts.

Yea Ulcaster, w PE. I am beginning the newbie workout.
I will see what comes of it.
About pumps, are you getting results w it?? And overall, any positive results??

Cool dude, keep on working out.. I am sure results will come along.

Following the LOT theory, my pull ends at about 7.bummer..

Should I start jelqing pulling upwards??

I am starting this week, still reading.sounds interesting and promising.

I have worked out all my life, running, weights, surfing, so I know exercise pays is a matter of discipline.


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